My PoV 

Mel, Leah, Julia, Perrie, and I were sitting in the tour bus watching T.V. on Mel's Ipad while the boys were at rehearsals. Leah was playing with the button on her cardigan, well by playing I mean she was biting it. She was really nervous about telling Louis she was having twins. Mel was chowing down on popcorn that she wouldn't share. I kept laughing at her because every time any of us reached into the bowl she would swat our hands. She was a mean prego woman. :P
"How am I going to tell him?" Leah kept mumbling under her breath. We tried responding but when we did she just kept saying that. So we gave up. 
Suddenly the bus got a lot louder. 
The boys tromped onto the bus yelling and whooping. 
"Hey guys!" I say jumping up to kiss Niall. 
"Hi!" They scream back and disappear into the back to change. I slip on my sneakers and announce I'm going on a walk. 
"I'll come too!" Mel says grabbing her shoes and putting them on. 
Then Leah, Perrie, and Julia jump up and say, "Me too!" At the exact same time. I grab my wallet and stuff it in my pocket and leave a note for the boys. We walk outside and walk to the mall. We go to Debs and look at a few things. Leah is moping because she doesn't want to wear extra large t-shirts that won't fit her in nine months. Mel and I are looking for a new bandeau for Perrie, because the boys used her last one as a rag. We pay for the stuff we found and go to the food court.
"I'll pay!" Mel says taking out Harry's wallet. 
"Oh my gosh! Mel!" I laugh.
"He told me to treat myself, so I am, and my girls too," Mel giggles. We walk over to the Chick-Fil-A and order our food. Mel orders two meals. 
"Hey, I'm PREGO," She says pointing at her bulge. 
We eat and walk back to the bus. The boys are in their bunks sleeping. Except for Zayn, he was sitting in the front talking to somebody on the phone. I jump into Niall's bunk and snuggle up to him. Mel does the same to Harry and Julia sits down and finishes eating her food. Leah goes to the bathroom. I fall asleep. 

Mel's PoV 

Jules' just fell asleep and I'm playing with one of Harry's curls. He turns to face me and laughs at my weirdness. 
"What? Niall does it to Jules!" I giggle. 
"Yeah but a guy is supposed to do that not a girl," Harry rolls his eyes. 
"Nuh-uh, well then only girls are supposed to do this," I say gently kissing him.
"Eww!" I turn to see Louis hanging his head over his bunk and staring at us. 
I gently slap his cheek. 
"Ouchy!" He says like I actually slapped him.
"And you call yourself a man," I laugh. 
"PAYBACK!" Louis screams.
"Hey, I'm PREGO!!!" I scream hiding behind Harry. I wake up everyone else though and now everyone's pulling Louis back into his bunk to get me to shut up. 
"SHUT UP MEL!!!! Gosh, you're louder than Louis!" Jules says. 
"Nobody's louder than Louis," Leah giggles emerging from the bathroom. She climbs into Louis' bunk. 
"Well, that's true. Except when Louis is scaring Mel," Niall giggles. 

My PoV
Niall snuggles his face into the crook of my neck.
"I love you," He breathes into my neck. 
"That tickles," I giggle and push my hand through his hair. He starts to play with the hair that fell loose from my bun. 
I start tickling him and he ends up falling on Zayn who was standing near our bunk.
"Oh my gosh! Niall and Zayn are you guys okay?" I lean down. Niall grabs me by the waist and pulls me down. 
"Agh! Niall!" I scream. 
We get up and make dinner. Mostly it's Mel eating the food and Julia and I swatting away her hands. 

Leah's PoV

I'm sitting on Louis' lap practically eating the button on my cardigan. 
"Leah what's wrong?" Louis asks me. 
"Um, well, I have something to say. I, we are having twins," I say between bites on the button. 
"Really!" Louis looks so excited he hugs and kisses me, "I'm not only going to be a daddy, I'm going to be a DOUBLE DADDY!" 
We all laugh and sit down to eat dinner. 
"Liam, you're lucky you're a good cook," Julia says giggling as he feeds her some steak. 
"Why?" He asks.
"Because I'm a horrible cook," Julia bursts out laughing. 
Liam laughs and kisses her. Perrie and Zayn are sitting in the corner giggling together. 
Louis and I are having a dirty convo and Harry and Mel are for sure having a dirty convo. 

My PoV

Me and Niall are sitting on the couch cuddling under a fleece blanket watching Doctor Who. 

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