part uno:

Caution pg-13 extreme action occurring, many feels.

His lips then pressed my neck I placed my hands on his neck. He kissed my lips with passion we kept on I was now carried bridal style. As he walked us to his bedroom He opened the door and closed it he carefully laid me I took off his shirt. My hands placing them on his torso his hand slid under my dress rubbing my thigh. Moaning I unbuckled his pants and he took off my dress. His hands rubbing my back he unclasped my bra and threw it somewhere in the room. He saw my lace panties and smirked slithering them down my legs. His lips leaving love bites on me I decided to turn things around. I was now on top of him I bit his lips and kissed him. He grabbed my waist holding me tightly. 

My hands reached to his boxers and slid them off his member showing I rubbed it his moans coming out from those pink lips. I put it in my mouth I gagged a bit I swallowed what came out of him I then rubbed his member slowly. Our body's connecting he changed our positions. Now on top of me his member went in me my hands holding him with so much pleasure my nails dug in his skin. Taking it in again I grabbed his hair our lips sync. We were in our highs he lay next to me and held me close. His arms around me ," I love you (y/n)", he said staring into my eyes ,"I love you too harry", I said he kissed my forehead. Together laying we went to sleep I know we will always love each other. 

Done let me know if you want an imagine or want me to start making them. 

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