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I decided to come up with a few imagines, because I really enjoy these sets. PLEASE give me a feedback and tell me if I should keep doing it. 

This set is dedicated @fleurtjee11 


“Calm down, Y/N. Everything will be just fine !” Zayn whispered in the attempt to take me my fears. He stroke my thigh gently and kept looking out of the windows who were misty from the rain that was still pouring outside. We sat in a taxi on our way to the house of his parents and once in a while my boyfriend tried to make conversation, but I couldn’t focus. Too much were all the horrible thoughts stuck on my mind. Those who kept making me nightmares since the past few weeks and caused me to shake nervously. “What if they won’t like me? I mean… why should they? Compared to Perrie, I am a total mess! I am neither beautiful nor interesting or talented. Why are you even with me I am such a-“ “Don’t you dare telling yourself things like that!” Zayn said, cutting me off from ranting on about how miserable and horrible I am. “You are the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. You are beautiful without trying or noticing. You are incredibly funny and you never fail to make my heart skip a beat with a simple touch, a smile or a look from those pretty eyes of yours. My family will love you and you know why? Because I do. They love me. They only want me to be happy and since you’ve stepped into my life, you became my happiness.” Tenderly he took my hand in his and placed a soft kiss to my palm. I looked into his hazel eyes, and saw all the love and honesty on them. I sighed deeply and squeezed his hand tightly. “How do I deserve a boy like you?” I asked looking down to my feet. With a serious expression he tilted up my head and my eyes met his again. “You are one of a kind, Y/N. There is no one else like you and I am incredibly happy to call you mine.” Then, without caring that the taxidriver was watching us the entire time in the rear mirror, he leaned in and kissed me softly causing the familiar sensation I always felt with him. With no doubt, I was the happiest girl alive, no matter what his family would think about me.

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