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  • Braun - Digital Radio Alarm-Clock BNC010
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    The classic designed alarm-clock BNC010 by Braun is a sample of simple design. Behind the unostentatious appearance of the housing, many functions are hidden. The LCD display has background illumination making time visible in the dark. The 24 hours display of the BNC010 is clearly readable and exceptionally straight-lined just as the housing. The comfortable alarm adjustment is fulfilled by a snooze-function. The radio function has FM/AM reception and six adjustable station buttons, as well as volume regulation and channel search function. The radio alarm clock has radio receptionall over the world thanks to its multiband technique. This makes the BNC010 also ideally suitable as travelling clock. The radio alarm clock by Braun runs with batteries (included in the delivery package) or with a (optionally, common sold) 220 V adapter. More details: Radio alarm clock. LCD-Display. Multiband (worldwide funk reception) “Snooze” function. Background illumination. 24 Hrs. Display. FM/AM radio with 6 station buttons. Volume regulation. Senders search.
  • Lexon - Cube Sensor LCD Alarm Clock
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    The Pauline Minguet and Marc Berthier designed Cube alarm clock can more than its simple appearance might reveal. The designers’ piece by Lexon has all the functions, a good alarm clock should have. The cube-like design with the same edges-length at all its sides consists of aluminium. While the surrounding ring is available in different colours, the Cube Sensor LCD alarm clock displays the time and other information on its silver front. The Lexon Cube LCD alarm clock is powered with batteries. The name giving LC display has the information you need prepared all the time: Time, week-day, date, temperature and waking time. With a touch-sensor you will be able to activate the Snooze-Function and the display illumination.
  • Established & Sons - Font Clock Wall and Table Clock
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    The Font Clock from Established & Sons is the contemporary version of the classic British 24 hours clock. The numbers that are seen in the Font Clock are printed in 12 different fonts, so that the time is displayed in fond combinations that are assembled by chance. "The Font Clock Idea combines 12 fonts, that were chosen because of its integrity and individuality, all emerging from the 20th century, except for one that dates from the English 18th century." - Sebastian Wrong. The Font Clock unifies classic design with a modern idea, which is inspired in the past. The Font Clock is available in three different dimensions that have diverse displays (Time, Date, Weekdays) depending on its size. The here offered table and wall clocks possess a table-base which can be unmounted if the table shall be mounted at the wall.
  • Nanda Home Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels, Chrome
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    Never over-sleep again. Clocky is the alarm clock on wheels that runs away beeping. You can snooze one time, but if you don't get up, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand up to 3 feet high, and run around your room as if looking for a place to hide. You'll have to get out of bed to silence Clocky's alarm. Clocky beeps in an R2D2-like robotic pattern so that you are sure to hear him. He's kind of like a pet, only he will get you up at the right time. Dimensions: Measures 3.5" wide by 3.5" long by 5.2" tall; 10.2 ounces. Wheeled alarm clock that rolls off bedside table beeping and scoots away. Durable housing; digital display with backlight for night viewing. Customizable snooze function with 0 to 9 minute duration; wheels on/off button. Features 3-foot maximum drop height; runs on 4 AAA batteries, not included.
  • Leff amsterdam - Brick Table Clock
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    The Brick table clock by the Netherlands manufacturer Leff Amsterdam is a completely new invented, re-designed clap numbers clock in a retro-look. The designers’ clock available in two editions (12 hrs. & 24 hrs.) as well as in different colour-combinations, consists of an unique combination of high quality materials and precise technique. Not for nothing the manufacturer offers 5 years of guarantee for this clock. The Brick clock by Leff Amsterdam is available as table clock and wall clock. More details: Recyclable. Quality proved according to European Norms. Included service pack (cleaning cloth, assembly set, 2 x D batteries) - Appealing gift-package.
  • Lexon - Titanium Radio Alarm Clock
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    This is how waking up becomes funny: The Titanium radio alarm clock by Lexon is an unobtrusive appearance, which puts an end to the deepest sleep with harmonic sounds. The large, illuminated display in the raster design displays the time reliably and stylishly. The display is illuminated at night, since the Titanium radio alarm clock has an automatic dimmer. The loudspeakers are hidden behind the panel at the front; this ensures the minimal appearance of the Titanium radio clock together with the clear adjustment. In order to adjust the music you want to hear in the end of your dreams, there are six saving positions available for your favourite radio senders. An MP3-Player is also connectable by means of the AUX-income, so that you will also be able to listen to your favourite songs. The Titanium radio alarm clock by Lexon has an electric volume regulation and headphones connection. One will also be able to remain in bed and wake up later with the snooze function. Lexon manufactures the Titanium out of aluminium and ABS-plastic, which makes the alarm clock noble as well as robust. The network adaptor is included in the delivery package; the batteries only serve for the time to remain "wakeful" when the radio isn't connected.
  • Established & Sons - Font Clock Wall Clock
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    The Font Clock of Established & Sons is the contemporary version of classic british 24 hours-clock. The numbers in the Font Clock are printed in 12 different scripts (engl. Fonts) , so that the time is indicated in casual composed combinations of scripts. "The idea of Font Clock is the combination of 12 scripts, which is selected after its strength and Identity and which all originate from the 20st century.Except the one from the english script which originates from the 18th century." - Sebastian Wrong. The Font Clock combines therefore classic Design with a modern idea, which is aware of the past and lets itself inspire.The Font Clock is in three different sizes available, which show depending on the size many notifications (time, date, weekday). More details: Design: Sebastian Wrong. Measurements: : Medium: 318 X 118 x 420 cm. The Font Clock is also available in the biggest version "large".
  • areaware - LED Alarm Clock
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    The LED alarm clock by Areaware consists of a series of cubes that all of them display the current time in correct order with a shiny number. The idea of the abstract time is thereby extremely interesting, since it is broken by a series of constantly growing numbers. The Areaware LED alarm clock by Jonas Damon was made for an existence as playful desk accessory or for night tables. It is furthermore possible to “hide” the time in order to only make it possible for you to read it by means of changing the position of the cubes.
  • Lexon - Lumo LED-Alarm / Projection Clock
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    Lumo by Lexon is an alarm clock which projects the time at the wall or the ceiling. Jeremy & Adrian Wright have invented something special for the French manufacturer Lexon: The flat and edged shape of Lumo is broken by the objective, since it is diagonal and coming out of the whole housing. The time is projected at walls or the ceiling with it, so that it is comfortable to know what time it is when one is still lying on the bed. The time can be projected at different places of the room, since the objective is rotatable by up to 180°. The Lumi LED-alarm clock by Lexon has an automatic dimmer, which adapts to the light circumstances. Besides the network operator, the alarm clock is also able to run with batteries. Lexon manufactures the Lumo alarm clock out of AS and rubber-coated ABS-plastic.
  • Braun - Global Radio Controlled Digital Wall Clock BNC014-RC
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    The Global Radio Controlled Digital Wall Clock BNC014-RC by Braun is a real all-rounder. The current time is clearly viewable with big numbers, as well as the alarm time, the date, the day of the week, the current room temperature and humidity on the LCD display. The clock is also usable as a table clock or alarm clock with its included stand on its back. More details: With automatic time adjustment and adaptation to summer and winter time. Multiband adjustment (worldwide funk reception / Global radio controlled) 12/24 hrs. Display. Interior temperature display - °C or °F. Interior humidity display. Waking repeating. Waking repeating (5 min.) Alarm on off switch. Big and clearly readable dial. Usable as wall and table clock. Incl. Battery: 2 X 1.5 V Mignon, LR06 (approx. 1 Year of performance per battery) Dimensions: 21 X 21 x 2.3 cm.
  • Pier One Bird & Mums Clock
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    Even though they say "mum's the word," the word from your Mom might just be "wow" when you give her this handcrafted clock. It encompasses all things cheery, like a hand-painted birdy. Color: Gold. 9.84"W x 4.72"D x 11.02"H. Iron. Handcrafted. Hand-painted. Batteries not included.
  • Pier 1 Imports Brown Antiqued Black Bicycle Clock
    Pier1 Brown Antiqued Black Bicycle Clock - Iron. They say time flies but now we know that it instead travels by bike. If you'd like to enjoy some quality time, though, find someone special and park this novel design in a gift box just for them. They'll be moved.. Black. 19.29"W x 3.54"D x 12.60"H. Iron. Decorative use only. Classic. Brown.
  • Newgate Clocks The New Covent Garden Alarm Clock - Sleepy Blue
    Featuring retro inspired hammer rang alarm bells, this Covent Garden Alarm Clock from Newgate is the perfect way to add classic style to your home. With a sleepy blue acrylic casing  and aged dial, it is sure to complement any interior it is placed in. Requiring a single AA battery to function it is also available in three more colours.Key features: * The New Covent Garden Alarm Clock - Sleepy Blue * Dimensions: H17 x W11.7 x D5.5cm * Battery: 1 x AA battery * Acrylic casing * Traditional alarm clock shape * Real bell alarm with hammer * Retro-feel, aged dial * Please note batteries cannot be sent overseas * More stylish clocks from Newgate are available
  • Rosendahl Timepieces Rosendahl - AJ City Hall Alarm Clock
    Arne Jacobsen is the maybe most famous Danish architect and designer. Legendary furnishing-designs made Jacobsen popular in Denmark and further away. The Rosendahl company bought the rights for the Re-Production of the most famous wall-clocks by Arne Jacobsen and re-edited them now in 100% compliance with the original designs and in meticulous cooperation with Teit Weylandt. Teit Weylandt has worked for Arne Jacobsen’s product development during a long time and he focused on every small detail for the re-production of the clocks: ”Not a stone stayed on another: The pointers, the housing, the form of the lens – we studied everything…” The results are three legendary clock-classics that originally ornamented Danish buildings. The re-production by Rosendahl was not only limited to the three wall clocks – moreover the according motives were also created as alarm clocks at the same time. Arne Jacobsen already designed a villa for H. J. Hansen, the director of Lauritz Knudsen in the middle of the 1930s. Hansen recognized the potential of the young architect and asked him, if he was interested in the design of a clock. The result was “electric table clocks with and without alarm function”, which were presented on the spring furniture fair Charlottenborg 1939 for the first time. City Hall Arne Jacobsen designs many buildings in the 1950s and 1960s for the Copenhagen suburb Rødovre. The town hall of 1956 shows how much Jacobsen was inspired by international styles in that time, ant it is one of his most consequently planned buildings. He designs all details himself, among them also the town hall clock, and he furnishes the whole building with an own furniture series. The iconic dial of the City Hall alarm clock emerged according to the example of this clock. The housing of the table clock consists of ABS synthetics and shock-resistant glass. The base is made out of metal. The alarm clock is moreover equipped with LED illumination and a Snooze function.

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