Imogene Gryffin: Winter Weekly Wardrobe #01 {A Bitnrp Collection}

{@nutz4lutz cause she started this craze of doing weekly wardrobes :3}
Imogene Temperance Gryffin, age 43, ex-Gryffindor
A great deal of the time, Imogene is very very classy with her look, but with a slight magical edge to it. Even if her hair is deep red, she tends to stay true to a lot of Gryffindor colors - red and gold mainly - but she does have her outfits of different colors, generally dark colors, or sometimes white - but rarely white because of how pale she is. Sometimes her outfits are a little more 'dark' than she was as a teenager, cause of some of the events in her life reflected back in her wardrobe, yet even as supposedly 'rough' as her appearance may be once in a while, she still manages to have a certain level of class. Very rarely will you see her in very little clothing, as she tends to like to layer, but also is still the same 'teenage' girl that always loved her array of tights; she's only grown up...a little bit haha.
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Wrote one year ago
@much-better-now THAAANK YOU :3 You see how color-coordinated she is hahaha

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
@much-better-now @nutz4lutz @let-there-be-light HOLA :DDDDDDDD


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