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i know you sort of know where this is leading but let me just start off by saying that i really (like REALLY) put a whole lot of thought into this. 

the past few days have been insane - being sick makes things float by though. anyways, i think the highlight of the week, or probably my life right now, is actually being offered a very desirable position by my company a few days back. it really was unexpected and out of the blue, but this new position will require me to move out.

like out of my sunny island home Singapura to another sunny but not an island Bangkok, Thailand. my company's opening up a branch/office there and me, along with a handful of my colleagues have been chosen to be part of the team there. the idea itself is ... speechless. i'm getting a promotion (sort of) just as i started this new job, and you have no idea how much i adore Thailand. 

i've said before that this new job is insane but moving to Bangkok would be even more insane- i'd probably end up crazy but i've decided to take the chance. why? because i don't think this kind of chances will come along anytime soon. i'm still very young in the industry i'm in, so why not start now right?

i can't stop smiling now but when i think of saying what i have to say next, i honestly feel like sobbing like a 4-year-old girl who'd just lost her favorite teddy. 

i'm afraid i will have to say adios to polyvore. 
for now.

i'll be leaving Singapore sometime next week- they really weren't kidding when they say its an immediate vacancy position- but i will need to prepare lots of things before leaving and settling there. 

yes, this is like my final goodbye. sobs.

i will still try to get online to read your fantabulous stories and all, because i think i will some sort of media where i can turn to for sanity, but writing and being committed to a roleplay and sorts just won't be able to fit into my new schedule in the near future. so i won't be deleting this account. and i won't make it seem like i'm off for good (i think i already did ... HA!). 

but i will really miss all of you. and writing. and lizzie. and flo. SIGH. i'm not sure how to end it for lizzie really... but since she's already in Europe, i think it'll be safe to conclude that she's decided to ditch NYC and run off into the European sunset with derrick jenner.

that's kinda romantic, no? hehe.

do drop some love though ... like i said i might still come online - i heard internet in Bangkok is horrid... i hope not though.

... i guess this is it. 

bye bye.
and oh, i just saw the set for MMN... happy 3rd birthday! can't believe it's been that long. sobs.



ps. i really like this set. haha!
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