I've had this done for AGES just never got around to clipping it ♥
I tried to get all emilys scars away!
&& someone requested more pictures of me :S why? && I dunno if I will.
I'm posting alot more edits today but most of them will be after 6pm because I'm at my dads and he's not a fu*ktard && he doesn't give me a time limit just to be off the laptop at midnight for horse riding in the morning!

-* I'm going on a hack tomorrow! && Lastnight was ACE I was soo drunk & crying about how bad my step-dad treats me and shit and it's like fuckawesome && the pigs came so we legged it to the tops - You'll never guess how much I drank.
&& I'll tell you next set (: cba typing more other than I'm working on more fashion sets!

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