bonjour peoples! @emma-leigh-xo here!(:
so, im sure everybody likes drawing, even though they arent very good at it. like me, for example. :D but i want to help people improve their drawing. here are some ideas to help you!

O1. pick something you want to draw,something simple, like an anime face.(:

O2. practice a few times over, using different shapes.

O3. if you face looks like a big blob, then ask your artistic friend. they'll help you, by drawing an anime face. 

O4. watch how they draw, then use their techniques.

O5. keep trying and trying, and you'll get somewhere. 

O6. if you still dont like what you're drawing, find a guide online to help you draw! [i recommend]

O7. believe you can do it!♥

O8. re-use those steps with other drawings, like for an animal, or an animated character. 

i hope this helps you enthusiastic learners out there, because it did for me! i'm not the best drawer, but my best friend is fantastic,+ she gives me encouragment and helps me get better!

au revoir!
- emma-leigh♥ xo
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