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Andrea Dufresne | Twenty-Three | The Shawshank Redemption.
[ I still need to edit this. ] Andrea has always been taken as a bit of a cold fish, a bit stuck-up and quiet though she's been like that since the day she was born. She's exceptionally intelligent when it comes to math which was why she was majoring in finance back at her old university. That was well until she was sent to prison, wrongly accused of course, though her "icy and remorseless" persona convinced a jury otherwise. She went to prison for the murder of her lover and her lover's behind the scenes lover, a double-murder for which the real culprit was not really found. Shawshank prison, the prison she was sent to, was a prison built on corruption and Andrea soon learnt the ranks using her mathematics skills to preform a series of cons and such for the guards whilst throughout the time plotting her escape. After years of being in prison, she finally preformed her escape and it worked like she'd planned through the years. Now, money plotted from her prison cons in hand, the girl's ready to start a new, invisible life in Stockholm.
Diana Moldovan. 
Why you should get this role: I've always been looking for a roleplay like this where I could play my favourite characters from movies like this and I've always been wanting to play a character like Andy from The Shawshank Redemption and it's good to finally find a roleplay like that. Hopefully, if I do get the part, I'd be able to do the character justice and such. Plus, This movie has been a one that has really given me a new perspective on things and I really want to join this roleplay to just write for a character like this. 

` Top 3 desired characters;

( Apart from the character above. )
Ellis "Red" Redding { Genderswapped ] | The Shawshank Redemption.
Neil Perry { Genderswapped ] | Dead Poet's Society. 
Wichita | Zombieland.


{ Sorry for the exceptionally short story! I have a huge ton of writes block! x ]

Stockholm, Sweden; My new home. 

I wasn't exactly picky about where I was now to life, after all I had just broken out of prison though I didn't imagine with all the corruption and such back in my prison of reside that I was the police's number one problem, possibly only their second problem. I didn't intend of checking though, I had more things to do than worry, I preferred to live in the now than the then. Life had never been an easy thing for me, Hell, It wasn't really for anyone when you thought about it but I had my fair share of bad luck, being wrongly accused of murder being at the top of the list of bad lucked consequences, but I guessed bad luck was a tornado and at times it did have to center around a single certain person.

I placed down my belongings and such down on the cold, wooden floor of my new apartment, The place was pretty small from what I could tell but I was only one girl so it didn't really matter to me. I didn't have much things with me if I was being honest, clothes being the main thing but I planned on buying more things here and getting a job. Starting over being my exact plan. I walked through to my small bedroom with a backpack, which was the only piece of luggage containing non-clothing items and set it down on my bed. It contained a chessboard, a number of chess pieces, rocks and money, An odd combination most may think, though each of them had a perfectly good reason for being there.

Rocks being that I always had been a "rockhound" as some would say, The study of geology had always been an interesting thing to me, It required an amount of patience in time and while I was in prison I had a whole lot of each.

The chessboard being because I had found chess to be a "game of kings," and had played it over the years in my spare time. I had grown attached to the game if intellect and puzzles one could say.

And money because well, a girl had to survive in the dog-eat-dog world.

I didn't really know what to do with my life from then on, I couldn't go back, I had to move forward but where to? My life had been planned in my mind before everything got confusing and there I was in an unknown place, Hell, I didn't even know a word of Swedish and yet still I had hope. 

I'd always been a firm believer in hope, it was what consumed most of me and I found it to be a good thing and good things never die. Sluggishly, I moved from my bedroom into my barely stocked kitchen and pulled a cold beer from my fridge, Drinking was also never a habit of mine but the time felt right.

I opened the bottle, taking a swift drink quickly before muttering, "Get busy living or get busy dying, that's goddamn right."
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