angel // javier colon.

this song is not by him, but i don't know who it's from, and i looooooove his cover. i cannot wait until this monday, asdfghjkl. this week has been amazing, thanks to mid-term week! (which means no school this week, plus two days. 'eff yes).

gorgeous shoes are from! go to their website now. now. now.

all these annoying hipster blogs are starting to follow me......... and by 'hipster', i mean slutty, half-dressed girls. those blogs disgust me. sorry to anyone who has one. 

i officially love @the-clary-project. she understands the pain of these 'people' on polyvore, and how annoying they are, to put it bluntly. 

the future america scares me. not that this america doesn't scare me enough. 

i have to talk to @urban-barbie, but by the positive feedback i got in this set:, sdf will probably be opening again! woo!

i forgot to say, or maybe i did and i forgot, my really good friend tried out for the x factor us! i think i said this already.... whatever. she's amazing though, i really really hope she gets through to the live auditions! (there's like two or three auditions before you get to the live auditions in front of the judges, just so you know)

i have to write an essay for history due tomorrow..... fml. at least i go to school at 12, to meet my friend, and then we're hanging out until i have to go to the eye doctor. fml again. i think i need reading glasses, wtf. i can't see far away very well, which sucks majorly. i hate glasses. i told my mom i want a pair of chanel reading glasses. she said no. but the chanel reading glasses are ugly anyway.

i'm getting ombre soon guys, yaaay. 

this ended up being kind of a blogging set.... 

anyhoo, bye.

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