well i guess i can tell about my day. i feel weird cause it feels like i'm talking to no one. but well we took my lovely cousin to the airport and of course we already miss that large tall freak. then i came home and tried to sleep for two hours but gave up on that and made popcorn instead and watched when harry met sally since i kind of love that movie. then i ate food and then planted a bunch of plants in our yard. then went swimming since i was a hot dirty mess. you know it >:) then i ate food, exercised, and now i'm here. and i have discovered that chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt isn't all that bad. it actually kind of tastes better than ice cream. sorry ice cream it's true though. anyways what an eventful life i live. living on the edge every day. it's crazy stuff. anyways this song is fun and happy. and this set was mostly inspired by @free-spirited-hippie or megan. her sets are lovely and amazing and i have no idea how she makes such awesome sets but she does. and i hope the tag thing works. not sure if i did that right. oh well. and those are the beautiful toms i want because they are amazing in every way.
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