*Top Art & Expression set May 27th, 2013*

Smother by Daughter. (literally have been listening to this song for 2 days straight.)

• tags have become such a hassle. so, uh, no tags again this time. sorry. •

I swear my brain has shut off. I've kinda been... numb today. Like, you don't feel anything. Kinda just doing your part in the world, nothing really actually productive. I just... things were getting better. Correction: they are getting better. 
Well, at least, I'm trying to do my part at making things better. 
Its just sometimes I hate people. Maybe its because a lot of them hate me. Why? I have no clue. But they seem to love to make fun of me and bully me until I've had enough. & it hurts, you know? 
To get to the record straight, I'm not fat. I'm not stupid. I'm certainly not pregnant, and I'm not Detective Bangsly. (who 'bangs' people, because, I would not bang somebody. Even if I was a dude.)

Its nice to come to a place online where nobody knows me. Thank you guys for not judging me, and not bullying me in any way. I appreciate this escape. 

thank you, @indie-luver for loving me. For caring about me. For supporting me. I just wish some people in real life could be nice like you are. I love you so much, you're the sister I've always wanted. 
I also want to thank @sharmarie , and @emc1397 you guys are just as lovely and helpful. Much love. 

So... how has everyone been? I want to know c:

P.S. the text in the set is one of my poems... just thought I would let you know. Also, I wanted to apologize for a lack of sets lately. I haven't been that inspired much.
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