Based On The Fate Sisters From Hercules ~ Past

Name: Roxanne Fate 
Age: 21
FC: Anna Paquin
Bio: The eldest of the three sisters Roxanne Fate is the leader of the girls and is looked too my her younger siblings for guidance and her word is always obeyed. Growing up in Salem all her life she’s very much like her cousin Jason and is closer to him that both of her sisters as she often assisted him in praying on the other children of ‘Halloween Town’ and enjoyed every single second of it. She’s the type of girl even from being little that enjoyed a feeling of power and was always brimming with pride and self confidence probably from being the elder of the three girls and being the boss somehow went to her head, she is a fairly malicious character and will not have a bad word said about her, nor her sisters, or her cousin Jason.
She is very protective of her younger sisters particularly Piper who she can see going astray more easily than the level headed Arden, this means that concerning them she is often fairly bossy which worsened due to her birthright as the eldest and there the leader, she also sees her power as being the most powerful and brags about this daily usually to Piper. Growing up Roxanne and her sisters knew they were very different then one day their parents sat them down and told them why. There family are decedents of three figures in Greek mythology, very real and very powerful known as the goddesses of destiny, in their family the powers are past down and only show themselves when three girls are born as full sisters. It’s only happened a few times in the family and the last known trace was over 250 years ago, Roxanne, Arden and Piper fit the description, three full sisters. Roxanne can see the past, things that have happened thousands of years ago up until basically a few minuets ago and she didn’t have to be there to witness them or even be alive for that matter, this kind of comes in useful for allot of things like history projects and seeing how men in her life have treated their previous girlfriends.
The Fates are feared and respected by all of the student body and remain very neutral, they are nice to those who come to them and ask for their advice as it is no secret to the student body about the power they hold. They are not Queens nor are They Elite in fact they find the clique wars mildly amusing and like to intervene for sport rather than much else, The Fates are never the targets of anyone only people used as alleys, they will help anyone with a deep pocket be they sweet and innocent troubles girls like Pocahontas or dark and evil Nightmares like Sam Black, after all it’s only business and Roxanne always reminds the girls of this, what others do is up to them they only help move it on. Being the darker of the three Roxanne prefers to cause more trouble than the others and is always the voice mainly this is what attracted the attention of head Russian Nightmare Aaric Chernabog, a power such as Roxanne’s and her sisters could be very useful in their line of work and having her on side would be somewhat of a help. Their relationship is often very heated and adult compared to the likes of Taran and Clarion, they know exactly what they are in for an like the power between them.
Everyone may think it’s Aaric that is the leader to watch out for but it is in fact Roxanne that is the head of the duo, she is neutral and that will not change not even for Aaric despite how attractive he is to her, binning off the Elites would mean loosing business and that is not something she is prepared to do and has made this very clear. She is nice to everyone she meets in her own blunt sort of way but get on her bad side and she has one hell of a temper and also some goddess type strength to kick your arse with too. The Fates are a force to be reckoned with and Roxanne Fate is the head of it all, who said you needed to be teen royalty to cause some drama and gain the respect of the school?
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