So tonight's the night, we all roll along.
We all roll along//The Maine
I got two of my teeth pulled for my braces ;w; They put me to sleep. I woke up and didn't remember anything. My mom said I was all loopy on the car ride home.
My laptop charger doesn't work and my laptop is dead, so I'm using my sister's. 
After I woke up, my mom and I went to get haircuts then to walmart, and then we went school shopping. Lalala. I love school shopping. 
We went to the amusement park yesterday. With Madison. We walked around with my mom and ate mostly. adkjsfhsadfjk Peach Fuzz texted me finally c':
I don't have band practice until Thursday. Which is nice. But I still won't be on all day. It's raining, so the internet is probably going to go out soon. Which means, i can't work on all of the battle sets that are due ;w;

We're all alright
We're all alright
Hello Wisconsin
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