today on tumblr i found this awesome post:

 I finally understand why people don’t like gay’s getting married

 think about it, think how awesome and fabulous one gay man is

 put them together, people can’t handle the fabulousness radiating from the couple

 one gay guy is amazing

 two together

 the world is not ready for the fabulous

 i see now.

i think it is really really awesome,it may sounds stupid but i have no words to describe it. 

(credit to )

i have had insomnia for so long that i do not remember how it is like feeling completely awake and aware.. but today i was THAT much sleepy that i slept for about an hour during the afternoon. at least that is something. i have a really big lack of sleep (usually i sleep around 5 or 6 hours -.-)

Today i took a bad grade in Ancient Greek. Oh, gosh, i will fail it at the end of the school year! D:

now i am going to go watching Pretty Little Liars

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