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1. Why do you love your family (parents, siblings, relatives, etc)?
I have a twin sister so I love having somewhere there who understands you and has the same interests. My parents are really relaxed so that's a good thing too. 

2. What are your most favorite books ever in the whole wide world?
I'm reading Perks of Being a Wallflower right now and it's great. But, my favorite books of all time have to be the Private series.

3. How often do you wash your hair?
On a school day, every morning, but on the weekends sometimes I won't wash my hair and just put it up.

4. What's one decision you made that you are NOT proud of?

5. Have you had any injuries/illnesses? 
I've never had any serious injuries which is a good thing. As far as illnesses, I got hives once and I get sick about once a year.

6. Do you love Marina & The Diamonds or do you love Marina & The Diamonds?
I love Marina & The Diamonds!

7. What's your view on filthy rich people and dirt poor people?
I have no problem with either. I think that the rich people made their fortunes through hard work and who am I to say that that's wrong? As for the dirt poor, I feel a bit bad for them as they usually can't buy what they need let alone what they want. 

8. How often do you forgive people? When was the last time you did and why?
I forgive people quite easily, but it's really hard for me to forget. And I have no idea when the last time was, I'm sure somewhat recently though.

9. Are you looking forward to growing up or not?
No, it scares me. My biggest fear is not leading an interesting life. 

10. What's the healthiest meal you've ever eaten?
I love salads, so I eat them as much as possible! 

11. Are you a responsible person, as in do you feel ready to be an adult? Can you take care of yourself as in cooking your own meals, cleaning your living space, doing chores, not relying on anyone else to do these things? 
I feel ashamed when I answer this question. Yes, I feel as if I'm responsible because I can clean up without having anyone tell me and I get in bed at a reasonable time. But, I don't know how to do laundry and I can't cook many things (so the meals I make on my own are usually salads or grilled cheeses). Terrible right?

I will write my 11 questions when I get home tonight.
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