#Blue #Green #Crosses #Believe #Angels #Heaven #Lanvin #Chain #envelopeclutch #sisters #sensabackground #wings #trustloyaltyandconfidence #celebrating True story of family being separated by death at such an early age! The first sister, Laura left when she was not yet 50 about 5 years ago. She was diagnosed with cancer after it was too late. She kept telling them something was wrong, but they didn't seem to understand, It was all over her body by this time and she was so sick they finally listened. Hers drug on for so long that she would get out of the hospital feel not so bad but end up back and forth several times until she was just giving up and ready to go to her heavenly father because she was then always ill. It was very tough but somehow we were ready too as we couldn't stand to watch her suffer any longer. I knew it was best and not to be selfish because of what I was loosing, a sister!

Then most recently I know many of you know how sick I became mentally because here we were going through another episode of what just seemed impossible! The next to the youngest, Rosemary had jaw pain and it took forever to make her go and see the doctor, then she was sent to the next one who recommended and MRI. So she had to leave work early one day for the medical center and afterwards began to drive home when her cell rang and the doctor told her to turn around and come back. You know that must not be good but she called her husband who insisted he take her and then contacted their children. Their children are still in school, one not even in high school yet! They understood but were so innocent and naive about any reasons or possibilities..after all we all thought it was TMJ which I have or had and you just learn new ways of doing things, such as always butting things up and never biting off of things such as apples or one! Not that hard even though you feel like it is unbearable at the time but Physical therapy to top it off and not such a bad thing after all! 

I meant to mention something before, in between Laura and Rosemary an Aunt nearly the same age would also end up with the same type of cancer that Rosemary had and she also passed away between the two of them and she also had minimal signs that there was any problem!
It turns out that strong willed extremely tough Rose found herself in a place she never expected, but she never had a doubt she would be home in a week! Not much ever scared her because she had some seriously strong willpower and faith in God! 2 days later she was paralyzed and the doctors did the first of a long list of surgeries. Her spine had a cancerous tumor pressing against her spinal chord, but they could not get it all and it was not the reason either as enough was removed to make that change but it did not! Then a kidney was removed which was successful.
She was told that she has her jaw 4 on her lungs and 4 on her brain/ Opted to not do the lungs because they wear small but the brain ones were not small. Chemo and radiation were to be at the end and surely would take care of the lungs and any pieces they could not removes from any other place. It turns out that once they started the radiation the tumors began to grow back. Everyone decided to stop including her. All this time the kids were not to be told of anything rom the beginning. Bad move in my mind. So she wanted to go home and have hospice come and go and do what they do. @ nights she was so sick she chose Hospice House. There was comfort and round the clock care. She started saying she saw Laura and Jamie (a long time friend of mainly of Laura. Lots o stories and who knows the truth still about this issue because many say it is just the heavy meds they have them on at that point. 

on August 4th 2014 she finally passed away from this world to go home with her Heavenly Father to be with Jesus. I think so much of that song I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me because it is so true and know I want to know more than ever since they are with him already and I want to know how it is, what they are doing.

I hope for me this brings closure and I can move on without crying and only thinking good thoughts and not have more wonder.

May God Bless every one of you and give you the strength and wisdom to recognize any small change and get to the doctor ASAP to have at least blood work if you do not have your annual check ups! We have learned to go before these occurrences and yes they have found things in both of us So we did learn the importance of catching something before it becomes full blown anything!
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