"In hell, the English are chefs, the Germans are police officers, the French are engineers, the Swiss are lovers, and the Italiaaaaans are bankers! In heaven, the French are cooks, the English are police officiers, the Germans are engineers, the Swiss are bankers, and Italians are lovers! ...something like that! Woohoo! ♪" - Grandpa Rome

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So my favorite anime is, of course, Hetalia. c:
It angers me that the Korean government wouldn't let Korea be in the anime because apparently he was too, 'politically incorrect'. Isn't the whole show politically incorrect? I mean it's stereotypes for countries. *facedesk* Whatever he's in the manga and he's one of my favorite characters right next to Russia ^J^ ~ who I'll be cosplaying for our anime convention here ^J^ 

❑ Taken
❑ Single
✔ One with Russia

Anyways ~ I tried my best making the female gakeun Hetalia school outfit. I like the way it all turned out. ^^
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