Gods And Monsters - Lana Del Rey

NAME; Tia (actually Titania, but she doesn't feel the name suits her. Too long) Chevalier
JOB; costumer
BIO; Theatre has always been in Tia’s blood. The daughter of a rather well-known Broadway producer and an actress, she had always been expected to follow in their footsteps. The only problem was that she never sat still, unless she was haunting the costume department in whichever theatre her parents were working at at the time. They had provided her with the best education that money could buy, sending her to an elite private school in Manhattan, yet she was only happy when she was surrounded by fabric. She refused to memorize the scripts that she was given, although she would read them to appease her parents a little. Sitting still was just not something she liked to do. She liked noise and action. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t share her desires. She always fought their wishes.
Luckily, the head costumer on one of her father’s productions took pity on her and gave her lessons in patterning and sewing after school when Tia was able to sneak off to the theatre. Her parents only found out about the lessons when she began asking for fabric to make little costumes for the family pet and even herself. They forbade her from ever speaking with the head costumer again, and she rebelled once more. Taking only her little kit the costumer had given her, and as many clothes as she could carry, she left. She had no idea where she was going, since she couldn’t hide out at the theatre and any of her friends would report her presence to her parents. She had to find somewhere else to disappear to.
Fate was on her side yet again, however, and only a day or so after she had ran away, she found a flier for Le Cirque des Femmes and was drawn to where they were setting up. The bustle was welcoming to her, and so were the ladies of Le Cirque. Quickly, the young girl had endeared herself to them, and she proved herself by fixing a seam on one of the trapeze artists’ costumes when no one else was able to do so. Within hours, she had been asked to join them, and she accepted quickly. With Le Cirque, she could get the action she so craved, and the travel, and best of all, they allowed her to use her skills. Nobody there disapproved of her doing anything other than being a star on stage. She could be a star in other ways, in the way she was best at.
FACE CLAIM; Josephine Skriver
EXTRA; moodboard: http://www.polyvore.com/where_have_you_been_where/set?id=125544803
collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3694208
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