Jan 1 - Today we're having a picnic in the snow.
Jan 2 - We're having another party tonight on the boys roof. Don't get too drunk and fall off!

I am such a slacker, but stories will come! And look - Sienna's wearing another dress! What's up with that?
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Wrote 6 years ago
i love this doll! can't wait for story :)

Wrote 6 years ago
Haha, sassy! Thanks :D

Wrote 6 years ago
Your dolls are just amazing. They're so sassy. XD


we are lovely.

we are lovely.

"we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely.
we are not what you think we are ,
we are lovely, we are lovely."

.... enough said. haha. submit all those lovely sets so we
can all breathe lovely & spread loveliness around
this gloomy polyvore.

we watch the world around us with glittering eyes.

we watch the world around us with glittering eyes.

the girls who love talking in british accents about nothing in particular, laughing hysterically at themselves because they CAN. the girls who will scarf down a cupcake- the whole damn thing, frosting and all, without worrying about the calories. the girls who make 11:11 wishes, again and again, praying and hoping that they might just possibly come true, that one in a million chance. the girls who don’t worry about being perfect, because they know that being perfect is so overrated and they would much rather be themselves. the girls who dare to have dreams, dreams so out of this world they can’t help but be extraordinary. and here’s to the girls who have the guts to go for what they want and make their dreams a reality, living their lives to the absolute fullest.
yes, my dears. here’s to you.
{ this is a FASHION group, so please submit only fashion sets, otherwise they will be rejected. thank you. }
est. april 17, 2010.

welcome to the dollhouse.

welcome to the dollhouse.

ധelcסme to the Ɗσllɦסuse, baby! This is a group all about paperdolls! We'll have many contests with different types of themes, all related to your lovely paperdoll sets.
Created on 8/6/10

The Haus of Paper Dolls

The Haus of Paper Dolls

The Haus of cute, quirky, dark, Kawaii, anime, sweet, old, young, beautiful, futuristic, mermaids, pirates, steampunk, Korean, new age, and old age. Any of your unique dolls are welcome in The Haus of Paper Dolls. Wipe your feet and come on in ^-^v
Just obey the #1 rule: No copying.

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