I lost my Aunt a couple of years ago to breast cancer. Now, when I think back to the last time I saw her, I never thought that would be the last time to see her smile. 
It was a big shock when we knew that she had breast cancer, but it was much much bigger shock for all of us when she died...cuz its normal that you can't even imagine that people you love.. people you care about.. are going to die someday!!!...you know that in your heart but its the most difficult thing to admit it!!! 
Even so we knew that she was suffering from a very aggressive form of breast cancer, even the doctors told her that there was no cure for her condition, she never gave up and we never gave up too....
but at the end,,, she's gone!!!... I miss her so much ... she was spectacularly amazing woman... she is so sweet, kind, loving, independent woman...she took care of her brothers and sisters, while she was still a teenager (cuz both my grandparents died when my father was still too young, 6 years old)...I mean if I write a book to talk about her it won't be enough...
I always pray to see her in the other life, in paradise.... I wish all of us (all women) to be healthy and to find a cure to defeat breast cancer...cuz who knows!! we might be the next victims ( God protect us all...ameen)
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