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In My Life- Katie Hall, Samantha Barks, & Nick Jonas. Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert.♥
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Anyone else on here a Theatre Geek? Like, who loves Les Miserables because of the musical, not because of the movie?♥
If so, you might've heard that a school's drama teacher was fired because of a "racy" production of Legally Blonde.
That was the high school that I'm going to next year.
I'm in the middle school, and we're being effected too. we don't get a spring play because the middle school drama teacher is taking over the high school drama club temporarily. We still get to be in the High School production now to make up for this, but it's a musical, and I was looking forward to the spring play we were going to do at the middle school. But now we just get to be in the chorus. only like four of us get roles, and those are only the people who actually look like kids. 'cause we're doing the Music Man, and there has to be a Winthrop and Amarillyis, of course. But I'm so disappointed. I don't look like a kid, and only high schoolers can get the adult roles, so I'm basically automatically in the chorus. this is so unfair asdfghjkl. at least it gives me an idea what drama will be like next year in high school, and I'll get to know the high schoolers more. but still. I wish that we were to have an actual middle school play. ughhh.
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