Each time i take you back
You bring one thousand cries
And i accept them, like a fool oh

So now what's your excuse
What do we have to lose
Since i'm already losing you

So hard to face, that i can't feel you anymore
Hard to face, that i can't see you anymore
So walk away, until you're not standing at my door
Turn your face, walk away, and stay

''Turn your face'' by Little Mix


→ Can you believe that this set has 50 items?
whaleee believe it 'cause it's true cx

→ Anyway I'm feeling better, still sick...but better.

→Lucy is happy 'cause She's going to be a godmother!!!
 I don't know if I can tell you who the mommy and daddy are hehe cx

→ Anyway sorry for answering your pm's late...but I couldn't...MY head was / is / hurting so bad.

→ Put your razor down. You're stronger than in what you think you are. I believe in you.
Eat again, don't try to be like those models that are only made of bones and a really thin layer of skin...it's not pretty (I'm not saying that every model is like that)
Supress your vomit. 
I know it's not easy but stand up to your bullies and haters.

→ I love y o u ♥ 
I don't want you to pretend to be someone 'cause I love your true self.

→ Do you want / need / to talk to someone? And a friend? I'm here!!! 
I'm not going to leave. Never.

→ Talking about leaving.
This past days, a lot of people have been doing this sets saying ''150 / 300 / 400 likes and I won't leave / kill myself '' ...what's this?
My notifications were full of that...
and I'm going to ask...why? why are you doing this?
We are anons...
Anons are people who are going to always be here for you, not going to judge you, and make you feel better about yourself, not the other way around...so why? Please answer me.

→ Smile, I love it when you do.

~Lucy ♥

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