In my WoCave less is more except when it comes to chocolate.
  • Williams-Sonoma Cinnamon Sticks
    Prized by chefs around the globe, Korintje cinnamon is famous for its intense spicy flavor, lively fragrance and rich color. The cinnamon sticks are actually curled “quills” of dried evergreen bark, harvested from trees grown in lush volcanic soil on the slopes of Sumatra’s legendary Mt. Korintje. The pristine mountain conditions imbue the spice with an exceptional concentration of aromatic essential oils for rich cinnamon flavor and scent. 3 oz. Made in Indonesia.
  • Harrods Mocha Flavour Hot Chocolate (200g)
    Presented in a charming Harrods tin, our mocha flavour hot chocolate is a warming and truly indulgent treat. Spoon into hot milk and finish with whipped cream.
  • The Meadow Haelan Mon Gold Sea Salt
    Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. For this exceptional condiment from Wales, pure seawater from the Menai Straits is gently evaporated into a thick, salty brine, then released into crystallization tanks, where delicate crystals form overnight. They’re harvested gently by hand, rinsed until snowy white and smoked over Welsh oak. The resulting crystals glow amber and carry the flavors of a seaside bonfire, pairing beautifully with full-bodied fowl like pigeon or guinea fowl as well as mollusks. The smoky notes also are superb with sweets, particularly chocolate, caramel and crème brûlée. Taster: 0.6 oz. Small: 1.3 oz. Packaged in USA; sourced from the United Kingdom.
  • Byers' Choice Sugar Cookie Cottage Gingerbread House
    Byers' Choice tells a very sweet holiday story with the immaculately crafted, almost-good-enough-to-eat Sugar Cookie Cottage Gingerbread House. With the look of cookie, frosting, candy and fudge, but designed to stay fresh for many holidays to come. Resin.
  • Harrods Heritage Tea Bag Selection (72 Tea Bags)
    Sample the delights of afternoon tea with Harrods’ Heritage tea bag selection. Featuring nine varieties of our finest black and green teas, each distinct flavour is a joy to drink: a wonderful gift for tea connoisseurs.
  • Godiva® Santa Plush with Solid Milk Bar
    This soft and snuggly Santa-inspired plush bear is wearing a red coat and hat and carries a solid milk chocolate bar. Allergy Information: ALL of Godiva's dark, milk & white chocolate may contain: dairy or milk products, nuts &/or peanuts in addition to gluten. Any person with a dairy allergy, nut allergy or gluten allergy should NOT consume ANY of our products. Kosher OU-D Made in Spain. 1.5 Oz. Best when stored <70`F.
  • Johnnie Walker Odyssey
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    Tasting Note: Launched to support Voyager, the glamorous 1920s-style yacht whose journey reimagines the epic ocean voyages that took Johnnie Walker from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. This whisky delivers the House of Walker’s signature big, bold flavours, and exceptional smoothness. It is presented in a remarkable crystal glass decanter based on an original 1932 nautical design by Sir Alexander Walker. The nose is powerfully rich and captivating with hints of honey, berry fruits and caramel. The palate is full-bodied and inviting - from the freshness of citrus fruits to the richness of berries, from the smoothness of honey to the creaminess of caramel. Finally, the finish is mellow, lingering and smoky. Johnnie Walker Odyssey is always best enjoyed neat or with a dash of pure water.
  • Walkers Buckingham Palace Shortbread
    In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, Walkers present a special edition of their classic pure butter shortbread. Produced in Scotland, this world-famous shortbread is packaged in a commemorative Buckingham Palace tin to mark the occasion.
  • Pralus Chocolate Organic Chocolate Pyramid
    Each of the five chocolate bars in this pyramid is roasted and manufactured in France. The certified organic beans come from across the globe: note the bright, berrylike suggestions in the Madagascar bar or the earthy flavors of organic chocolate from the Dominican Republic. Samples from the Congo, Ghana, and Tanzania are also included.
  • MONKEY SHOULDER Blended malt scotch whisky cage pack 700ml
    Monkey Shoulder blended malt scotch whisky cage pack. Product of Scotland. ABV 40% 700ml You must be over 18 to purchase this product.
  • SPRINGBANK 18 year old single malt 700ml
    Springbank whisky. Country of Origin: Scotland. Campbeltown region. 700ml. 46% ABV. You must be over 18 to purchase this product.
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  • La Bella Terre Cardamom Sugar
    Making the world a sweeter place. This certified organic sugar is grown in the Americas and botanically infused with plant essences like bergamot and cardamom. Ethically sourced - farming cooperatives are paid directly for the cane they grow and mill, fields are green cut, and no chemicals are used to decolorize the sugar. Dust the rim of cocktails or enhance baked goods. Available in bergamot lemon, mint melange, cardamom, and rose cognac.
  • ROYAL SALUTE 38-year-old Stone of Destiny 700ml
    Royal Salute 38-year-old Stone of Destiny whisky. Product of Scotland. 40% ABV. 700ml. You must be over 18 to purchase this product.
  • CHIVAS REGAL Chivas Regal Gold Signature blend whisky 700ml
    Chivas Regal Gold Signature blend whisky. 700ml. Product of Scotland. 40% abv. You must be 18 or over to purchase this item.
  • BALVENIE 21 year old Portwood whisky 700ml
    Balvenie single malt scotch whisky. 21 years old. Product of Scotland. 40% abv. 700ml.
  • 10 Year Old whisky glass set 700ml
    Glenmorangie Original 10 year glasss set. Product of Scotland. Highland region. 40% ABV. 700 ml.
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  • Black Rose Red Velvet Cake
    This striking cake is simply to die for. We take four layers of moist, tender red velvet cake, and fill the layers with a thin layer of black chocolate icing, then frost the whole thing with black-as-night chocolate roses that encase the cake like midnight fog. The layers of red and black are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate, making this a wickedly good addition to your Halloween gathering. 6" diam., 4 1/2" high (serves 8–10). 3 lb. Shipped frozen. Made in USA.
  • JAKE'S ORCHARD Pure apple cider 750ml
    Jake's Orchard cider. Product of UK. Kent, Hush Heath Estate region, 5.5% ABV. 750ml. You must be over 18 to purchase this product.
  • DB Infusion Chocolates Chocolates: 27 Piece Box Artisanal Chocolate
    These beautiful chocolates are hand crafted by artisan chocolatiers using only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients available, creating a melange of flavor, aroma, and texture that provides an exquisite taste experience matched only by the visually stunning color and shape of each chocolate. Artisans capture the flavorful essence of nature's alchemy, blending the finest chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain with delectable, and sometimes unexpected, ingredients and flavors using old-world techniques. Chocolate flavors may include: jasmine, passion fruit, espresso, honey lavender, Tahitian vanilla, curry, ginger, praline, hazelnut, lemon and mango, and many more. A purchase of multiple boxes of chocolate delivering to the same address may be eligible for special shipping rates. Please contact Customer Care. Chocolates are non-returnable.
  • Bond No. 9 New York Central Park West When it Shimmers/3.4 oz.
    For gardenia devotees with a sense of fashion elegance, this is the ultimate gift of gifts: A 3.4 oz. limited-edition bottle of Central Park West whose houndstooth surface has been rendered with 2,500 sparkling Swarovski gems, its edges bordered in vivid lime green, its cap encircled with tiny stones. Made in USA.
  • WOODFORD Four Wood bourbon
    Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Four Wood bourbon. 700ml. Product of U.S.A. 47.2% abv. You must be 18 or over to purchase this item.
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    • In my WoCave less is more except when it comes to chocolate.
  • Flowers of Liberty Hot Cranberry Jelly 340g
    This season add a little heat to your favourite dishes with this delicious Flowers of Liberty hot cranberry jelly. Whether complementing turkey or cheese and crackers it will add a delightful burst of heat, just enough to warm you up as the temperature drops. Use it for cooking or as a condiment and enjoy the blend of cranberry and heat. FEATURES: Twist lid glass jar; can be used as a condiment or in cooking. COMPOSITION & SIZE: Ingredients: Cranberries, cider vinegar, sugar, pectin, chillies and lemon juice. 340g.