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Asherah Philomène Dumortier "Ash"
24 years old.
Student at Miskatonic, majoring in archaeology and anthropology.
Half-sister of Cybele Dumortier and niece of Marcella and Louis Cassander (Marcella's sister's daughter).
Half Deep One. The 'Innsmouth Look', or mutations from Deep One genes, aren't as pronounced in her as they are in Cy. She still has a slightly fishy, pouty dimension to her face, lean proportions and a slight bug-eyed-ness, but really, she thinks she got it easy.
Ash is another Deep-One/Human hybrid from Marcella's family, Cella's family having a tendency to encourage their daughters especially to procreate in such a fashion. Ash's mother, Selene, did marry a human man to act as father to her children, but he is neither Ash nor Cy's biological father, and the two daughters don't share the same father. Ash isn't close to her parents, for reasons that shall hopefully become clear.
When Selene was pregnant with Ash, some of the senior cultists foretold that her firstborn would be one of the 'herald', a rather unimaginative term that referred to seven sons and daughters of the faith who would do great and terrible things, and bring forth the end of the age of man. They would see the rise of lost obsidian cities from the churning depths, the fall of the Elder gods and the rise of the Great Ones, the return of dread, forgotten things from the depths to reclaim what was once and always rightfully theirs...
Needless to say, Selene was delighted. Such honour! Such privilege!
Ash didn't really turn out the way her parents wanted. Although she was raised to be a good and dedicated cultist, her interest in the world outside the sect began its steady increase as she reached her teens, just as her disillusionment with the cult, her family, her perceived fate, began to grow. Thing is, Ash doesn't -want- to do these things... she'd be quite happy living quietly in some little cottage a long, long way away from the sea and letting the rest of the world march on. Some herald of the forefathers she's shaping up to be! The thing that has gone through everyone's minds, especially Ash's, in a wishful, forlorn way, is that maybe the prophets were wrong. But no, they are never wrong. What will be will sadly be, and Ash is no rebel, no raging hellion, and she doesn't feel, has never felt, that she had the strength to deny the cosmos its plans for her. You could call her a fatalist.
Her parents are rather disappointed in her. They always have been, or it feels like it, and their relationship has deteriorated to the point where Asherah really doesn't care what her folks think of her any more.
Her younger sister, Cybele, is her main priority. Cy has been doted on by her parents and seeks to 'replace' her sister as a herald if she gets half the chance. To say that she is unstable and twisted is pretty much on point, but Cy and Ash are still sisters. Ash looked after Cybele as they grew up, and so commands at least some of her filial piety, at least, enough to keep her in check - for now. To be honest, she's worried about Cy, but she knows that to do anything but give a gentle guiding hand and a watchful eye would risk pushing her sister into more reckless and deluded acts, with dreadful consequences. They have their equilibrium - Cy rants about the end of man and Ash nods and uhuhs and rolls her eyes and tries to go back to reading her books - it works for them. Even if they don't truly understand one another.
Personality-wise, Ash is quiet and quietly self-assured. She's not meek, mild, so milksop or shrinking violet, but she's also a woman of few words, of tact, poise, thought before action and head over heart. She's subtle. She doesn't play machinations or mind-games, but she's adept at avoiding problems and solving conflicts and getting things done in a way that nobody's ever sure that she did anything at all, or if she did, what it was. She's a seasoned people watcher, which makes her rather competent at reading all those non-verbal signs people give away - although it also means she plays


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