this set is a fashion nightmare, oh lord.
i have all these crazy items saved for cecelia.
oh, and i'll answer my messages tomorrow, sorry for taking forever, i've been busy as hell.
saw footloose today, i have the fuckin' song stuck in my head.

loose, footloose, kick off your sunday shoes.

OH, isn't allison harvard perfect for cecelia lisbon? i think so. @urban-barbie, i tried to make a doll set... failed miserably. it's sitting in my drafts lonely, so i'm going to spare it's misery, and delete that mother fucker! anyhoo', saw kourtney kardashian today. no biggie'. at least i think it was her... *shrugs* 

join this group, will you?

started on september twenty-second, by naomi and michele.
original idea, so please do not copy.
based on the novel, the virgin suicides.
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''we just wanted to live. if anyone would let us."
"but it was always the same: their white faces drifting in slow motion past us, while we pretended we hadn't been looking for them at all, that we didn't know they existed."
+ + +
in a town where the leaves rustle with secrets and eyes pry behind drawn shades, a house draws everyone's eyes into a fixated gaze, trickled with curiousity. a house where the roof is caving in, and rotting newspapers slowly collect on the dimming porch. you can't help but ponder what the life of a lisbon is like. a life so peculiar and unknown that there's a thick air around it, perfumed of death and mystery. here, in this house, where the hushed whisper of silence lingers, live five girls. the lisbon girls. beauty and grace gravitates around these girls, every eye is on them. they're not the most beautiful in the room, they're the most unknown, and everyone in the town of grosse pointe, michigan, is aware. behind the fragile door standing as the only way out, there's a horror inside that reeks of lunacy. these five girls' mother is on the brink of insanity, while their father, a math teacher, sits by and waits to die. horrifying, perhaps, is the word that titles the lisbon life, but what we do know for sure, is that suicide isn't too far off.
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