8-in. x 2-in. Rocket Nut Cracker - Harold Import Co.
  • HIC Brands that Cook Reed's Rocket Nutcracker
    Harold Imports Reed's Rocket Nutcracker America's finest nutcracker - Reed's Rocket Nutcracker has a unique design that cracks soft shell nuts faster, better and easier than before. The Rocket Nutcracker offers 5-star cracking action - gripping the nut firmly with 5 points of contact and giving greater power while assuring cleaner, larger nut meats. All steel machined construction with attractive wooden base and handle grip. Cracks pecans, English walnuts, almonds, filberts and Brazil nuts. Speeds up what formerly was a slow, tiresome chore. Save money by buying bulk nuts and shelling them yourself. Prepares nut meats as you need them. Dimensions: 8″ x 2″ x 2.5″.
  • Core Bamboo The Nut Cracker
    Core Bamboo The Nut Cracker Shelling nuts won't be a chore when this attractive bamboo serving tray and nutcracker from Core Bamboo are used. The tray holds nut shells or whole nuts, with a convenient nutcracker holder built right in. Perfect for storage on a shelf or in a drawer, this serving tray measures 9.7 x 7.8 x 1.2-Inch. Bamboo is one of the most remarkable resources available, regenerating itself every 4 years. All bamboo used by Core Bamboo is 100% organically grown. Product Measures: 9.7" x 7.8" x 1.2" Dimensions: 9.7″ x 7.8″ x 1.2″.
  • Nutty Squirrel Nut Cracker
    This is a favorite whimsical gift that you may want to keep for yourself! The "Nutty Squirrel" is handsomely detailed in cast aluminum, and he loves to crack nuts. Simply lift his tail and place the nut in his mouth. Press his tail down, and the nut is cracked! Cleaning & Care: Wipe Clean with Soft Cloth. Height: 6-in. Material: Cast Aluminum. Origin: Taiwan. Special Features: Unique, Decorative, Whimsical. Warranty: 1-yr.
  • Rosle Nut Cracker
    Front-oriented angled teeth grip nuts firmly preventing them from slipping. Pressure onto the nutshell is exerted solely by the teeth so that the shell can be cracked open without damage to the core. Length: 7.7"
  • Nutcracker by Robert Welch
    This is the classic Robert Welch nutcracker. Will crack any nut! An object that wonderfully combines simple engineering and design. Materials: Made in solid cast iron with steel spindle. Dimensions: 15 H x 9.5 cm Diameter.
  • Alessi Nut Splitter Nut cracker
    The "Nut splitter" was developed during the workshop on "Ethic and Design" in July 2007. It's a small and gracious utensil made using steel precision casting and is a reminder of an ancient use in agricultural rural life: opening a nut with both hands with the help of a small punch. Our inspiration came from the little propellers of the maple tree's seeds: a sign of freedom and fusion. Using these nutcrackers, designed by Jim Hannon-Tan, is much more intuitive than it appears from the shape : you just have to insert the point between the two halves of the nut and rotate it to apply pressure. The ergonomic grip, which fits the fingers well, and the "soft" contact with the polished precision cast stainless steel make the action a pleasurable experience. The item is carefully gift wrapped. In detail: Type : Nut cracker. Colour : Steel. Material : 18/10 stainless steel. Dimensions : L 4 cm x W 3,5 cm. Characteristics : Gift-packaging.
  • Purple Blossom Trivet
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    This multi-use flower-shaped Blossom can be used as table décor, trivet, hot pad or coaster! With it's unique design you can shorten or expand it depending its use. You can also combine with other Blossoms to make bigger. Made of silicone. Heat resistant up to 482 degrees F and 250 degrees C. Cleaning & Care: Hand Wash. Dimensions: 8.75x0.5x8.75-in. Material: Silicone. Origin: USA.
  • OXO® Pullthru Paper Towel Holder
    Bring the concept behind commercial paper-towel dispensers into your kitchen and pull off a single sheet every time. Sleek, wall-mounted holder relies on two stainless steel bars that sandwich the paper towel sheet to provide a surface to tear against and friction to prevent the roll from unraveling—you pull the paper towel out and upwards against the outer steel bar for a clean tear. To load simply pivot the outer steel bar out of the way and thread the new paper-towel roll over the center pole. Works with normal to jumbo-sized rolls, and mounts easily and securely on walls or underneath cabinets and cupboards with just two screws, included.
  • Red Blossom Trivet
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    The Blossom is a flower shaped, silicone gadget that can be used as a trivet, coaster, hot mitt ot hot pad. The Blossom is insulated to protect countertops and it contracts for easystorage. Material: Silicone.
  • OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder
    Keep your kitchen running smoothly with a modern cookbook holder, suitable for books and tablets alike, with an easy guard to protect your pages and screens. ABS/PC/nylon/chrome-plated steel. Hand wash. Imported. Auto opens for easy loading. Recipes are held in place at an upright and easy to read angle. Splatter guard keeps pages and screens clean without distorting words or images, but pulls down for easy page turning and scrolling.
  • 5-in. Spider Skimmer
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    Durable stainless steel basket. Heat-resistant natural bamboo handle. Sturdy, light and easy to use. Drains food quickly and throughly. Dishwasher Safe. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Dimensions: 5-in. length. Material: Bamboo/Stainless Steel. Origin: China.
  • OXO Pot Holder Green S/2
    On a quest to bring good design to everyone everywhere OXO instills its kitchen tools with two qualities we all can admire: comfort and ease. For example, this set of two potholders protects your hands from heat, spills, and burns with nonflammable, stain, and steam-resistant silicone. Plus, its thick, multilayered fabric lets your hand breathe to prevent sweating. What a delicious solution to a common kitchen conundrum. Set of 2 potholders. 600° F heat resistant silicone on the outside. Cool, comfortable fabric on the inside. Unique silicone rib design improves flexibility and dexterity, and provides a secure grip even on slippery surfaces. Your hand fits securely in the potholder’s pocket, letting you pick up items small and large without burning the top of your hand. At 10” long, the potholder is long enough to protect your wrist. When flat on a surface, the potholder doubles as a trivet under hot pots and pans. Embedded magnet lets you hang the holder on steel surfaces. Silicone hanging loop lets you hang the holder on a hook. To clean, wipe the potholder with a damp sponge, or wash and dry in the laundry machine. Care Machine washable. Brand OXO. Material Silicone, Fabric Lining. Color Green. Measurements W 8” H 10”
  • HIC Brands That Cook The Pomegranate Tool
    HIC Brands That Cook The Pomegranate Tool. Pomegranates are a super food with many known health benefits that contribute to the health of blood vessels, heart and skin and pack a punch with red antioxidant pigments, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, potassium and copper. Enjoy these health benefits of the pomegranate by quickly and easily removing the hundreds of seeds that a single pomegranate can contain with the pomegranate de-seeder tool. Developed for home use by Israeli co-operative pomegranate farmers, the tool is designed to pit the entire pomegranate in less than 2 minutes. To use remove the crown and cut pomegranate in half. Place half of the pomegranate on the grid and cover the fruit with dome top and then tap firmly with a large, heavy spoon. Seeds fall out into bowl with no mess or fuss. Set includes: a bowl to catch the seeds, a grid to place the pomegranate on and a flexible dome lid. Dishwasher safe. Pit an entire pomegranate in less than 2 minutes. Developed in Israel by co-operative pomegranate farmers. Makes it easier t enjoy the health benefits found in fresh pomegranate. Includes cup, grid screen and flexible dome ;seeds fall out easily into bowl. BPA free and dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 7.5in length x 7.5in width x 3.54in height Weight: 0.37lb.
  • Wesco White Kitchen Roll Holder
    Material: steel body. Dimensions: H30x15cm. Powder coated steel exterior. Original 1940’s design in white. Available in a range of colours. 2 year warranty. 5 year guarantee.
  • Tortilla Press
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    Traditional tool for forming corn tortillas. Made of heavy cast aluminum, polished to a chrome finish. Presses out 6-in. tortillas. Material: Cast Aluminum. Origin: Taiwan.
  • MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check Utensil Holder
    Handcrafted of enameled 12-gauge steel and bronzed stainless steel. Hand-painted Parchment Check™ design. Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended. Due to the nature of handcrafting, holders may vary. 5"Dia. x 8.5"T. Imported.
  • Harold Import Co. The Pomegranate Tool
    Perfect for juicing or a healthy snack, this novel gadget takes the mess out of seeding pomegranates. Simply place a halved pomegranate on the grid, cover with the silicone dome, hold the dome securely against the bowl, and strike it firmly using a wide, heavy spoon to remove the seeds. Manufacturer: Harold Import Co. Includes: Grid; dome; bowl. Material: Silicone; plastic. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 3½" Made in Israel.
  • Chocolate 5.5-in. Oleron Pepper Mill
    Oleron 5.5-in. pepper mill is made of sustainably-harvested French beech wood and sparkling acrylic, polished to prevent scratches and cloudiness. The Oleron Pepper Mill has an adjustable grinding system. To change the coarseness of the pepper, just loosen or tighten the nut at the top of the mill, turning it clockwise for a finer grind, and counter-clockwise for a coarser grind. The Oleron pepper mills come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Features: Clear Acrylic finish with beech wood top. distinctive Peugeot lion logo. grinder has case hardened steel grinding heads. adjustable coarseness grinding. variety of sizes and colors. Cleaning & Care: Wipe with damp cloth. Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on the Grinding Mechanism only, 5 years for the body.
  • HIC Brands that Cook Wooden Spoon 16"
    HIC Brands that Cook Wooden Spoon 16" Heavyweight beech wood. Won't scratch non-stick pans. Old world charm.
  • Valcor Nutcracker
    Silver plated cast nutcracker – 6” L.
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  • HIC Brands that Cook Wooden Spoon 13-3/4"
    HIC Brands that Cook Wooden Spoon 13-3/4" Heavyweight beech wood. Won't scratch non-stick pans. Old world charm. Made in France.
  • GO Home Ltd Bamboo Nutcracker
    Shelling is elegant with GO Home's nutcracker, crafted from shining sterling silver and fast-growing bamboo. A melding of industrial and organic materials, it can be used to enjoy pecans and hazelnuts, and even to crack the shells of crab or lobster. Bon appetit! Stainless steel / bamboo. 7.75" L.
  • HIC Brands that Cook Olive Wood Spoon 13.5"
    Fine, Italian olivewood not only looks beautiful but smells wonderful. The mediterranean seems very close when using any of harold's kitchen olivewood products. See, feel and smell for yourself. Dimensions: Measures 2" wide x 13" long x 0.5" tall; 2.1 ounces. Will not scratch surfaces. Made of beautiful, aromatic olivewood. Old world charm. Occasionally coat with mineral oil to keep wood looking its best.
  • Le Creuset Revolution 6-Piece Utensil Set
    Stock your kitchen with world-renowned Le Creuset® cookware to get the most out of your favorite recipes for years to come. The Revolution™ 6-Piece Utensil Set is the solution to robust stirring and scraping without scratching enamel cookware surfaces. Great for nonstick cookware as well! 6-Piece set includes: Jar Scraper Small Spatula Medium Spatula Spoonula Basting Brush Colorful Stoneware Holder. Premium-quality silicone blades are heat-resistant to 482°F., are non-abrasive and resist staining. The wood handles have been carefully designed for a comfortable grip and ease of use. Silicone blades are dishwasher safe. Wood handles wash easily by hand. Each tool is approx. 13" long. Measurements: Height: 6 1 ⁄ 4 in. Diameter: 4 3 ⁄ 4 in. Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz. Length: 12 3 ⁄ 4 in.
  • HIC Brands that Cook Porcelain Octaganol Mortar & Pestle 3.5"
    HIC Brands that Cook Porcelain Octaganol Mortar & Pestle 3-1/2", White An Original "Kitchen" Utensil. Crush, grind and powder natures healthiest eats.
  • Blomus Cino Nut Cracker
    Stainless steel, matt. Ø 2 Design: stotz-design.com.
  • HIC Brands that Cook Alligator AG1 Onion / Vegetable Dicer
    HIC Brands that Cook Alligator AG1 Onion / Vegetable Dicer Razor-sharp grid produces perfect dice cuts. Dices potatoes, celery, carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers as well as apples and other hard fruits -+ and more. Works in seconds -+ no onion tears necessary. Made of sturdy plastic with a stainless-steel dicing grid. Dicer has its own cleaning device to clean food bits from the grid and is dish washer safe. The Alligator fits about 1 whole onion (medium-sized)