It was your daughters first day of school and as always you were worrying. "But what if she isn't happy?" You say. You were at home with your husband Harry styles. "Morgan. She will be fine. Plus Ty is in the same school. They will be fine. And stop stressing its bad for the babies." He said mentioning to your stomach where you were pregnant with twins. 
An hour later your front door bursts open. "Mum dad we're home!" You hear your son yell. Your daughter Natalia flys into your arms as soon as she sees you. "How was your day honey?" You ask. "I had so much fun my teacher is really nice and Gracie Payne is in my class." Natalia says with a smile on her face. "What did I tell you?" Harry said as Natalia ran to give him a hug. "You worry too much mum." Ty said. "When did you realise that?" Harry added receiving a playful slap on the arm from you. But you really did worry too much when you didn't need to. But that's why your family loves you. 

Created in the Polyvore iPhone app.

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