And I'm Ready To Suffer And I'm Ready To Hope, It's A Shot In The Dark And Right At My Throat

- Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine)
((WARNING: Lengthily Described Character Ahead. Took me all night))
name - Jolene "Jojo" Feula Yvelle
age - 17
counselor - Yes
looks - Golden blonde hair that looks almost white in the direct light and wide lagoon-blue eyes, Jojo's look have a striking innocence to them. She has an iconic pixish build that leaves her at a disadvantage when it comes to strength. Her eyebrows are delicatly arched and her eyelashes are almost transparent, she herself seems like an illusion.
personality - Jojo is surprising. If you think you can mess with her because her dad isn't the most intimidating, you'll be a second away from losing your head. If you respect her, she'll respect you. The same goes for the opposite, plus much worse. She has most of a grip on what she is capable of, having been at Camp for awhile, and knows what she isn't. A couragous leader, her weakness is letting power get to her head. Jojo can make friends, however, and isn't completly imcapable of love. Her friends can describe as a bit cynical, joking, and gutsy. Some do still call her "Psycho Sleeper", as it is rumored that she goes into a trance-like sleepwalk and becomes a whole different person able to posess impossible strengths and powers. Naturally she denies it, and the gossip has passed, but some still wonder why a camper every few weeks wakes up with untracable inflictions... Mysterious, brave-hearted Jojo is more than just another lazy Hypnos kid. ((Gonna end up having a character change))
cabin - Hypnos
biography - Jolene's mother was the life of the party. Her and her stepdad were rich, superior socialites with plenty on their mind. Her stepfather would run all the land he owned while his wife, behind his back, did drugs. Yes, Mrs. Penelope Yvelle was tearing apart at the the seams while her dutiful husband soared away to work and her young daughter grew icreasingly difficult to deal with. When baby Jojo yawned, everyone in the house yawned in sleepy response. There was nothing harmless about this daughter of Hypnos as Mrs. Penelope Yvelle kept the secret of his identity from her daughter. She would regret this decision come Jojo's eighth birthday. Jojo woke up the morning of her birthday to find herself on the front lawn of her mansion. When she peeked her head through the tiny crack of her mothers bedroom, she almost screamed from the horror. Later, Jojo would visit her hospitalized mother to learn that she would never walk again with the damage inflicted to her legs. She was sent away to Camp Half Blood, confiused, scared, and scarred from what she had seen. Jojo never escaped the terrible, mysterious injuries that seemed to follow her and were preceded by herself waking up in odd locations in the early lights of morning. The inflictions were blamed upon anything you could think of, and became routine as many of the kids recovered quickly. They spoke of tripping in the forest, falling out of bed, getting cut with a knife, all with the same voice that sounded as if they themselves weren't convinced with their stories. At age 13, it dawned on her. Her the whole time. She was somehow capable of doing these terrible things when she was asleep, as it was the only explanation. It was her that did this to her mother. These thoughts tortured through the nights and days for the rest of her years. She tried to tell others of her guilt. Most didn't believe her and insisted she was being hard on herself, though others believed. Jojo was dubbed "Psycho Sleeper" for awhile, cracking her even more. Jojo realized her mistakes, and shot down the very suspiscions she created. (Cont:
weaknesses - Self-Hate, want for power (having to do with power over herself), acting without thinking, lack of strength.
strengths - strong will, determination, agility, cleverness, cunning, god-inherited traits (dream manipulation, hypnosis, etc)
weapon(s) - Engraved dagger (night detail) and mace
skills - God-like traits, weapon skills, intimidation, agility, cunning, cleverness
other - Thank you for reading this thing!

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