I just watched Schindler's List for the first time ever. I didn't cry at all, surprisingly (because I am a huge crier in movies). But after I watched it I was literally haunted by everything I saw. And can I just say there was a bit more nudity and sexual content than I wanted to see... but I guess in order to make it that realistic and close to the reality of what really happened it's acceptable. It was a great movie, I thought. It made me really sad, which again I am surprised I didn't cry. 

I wanted to watch it because tomorrow is our annual Fine Arts Festival at school and for our dance performance, we are portraying Jews in the Holocaust. I wasn't really comfortable doing this at first though... but then I thought it would be a great tribute to the millions who were killed. We even had the co-author of "Abe's Story," which is a novel/biography/autobiography of the co-author's father's life in the camps and things. I really liked his talk to us, and he read some of the book to us, which somewhat put us in the mindset for the dance; he was also really nice, and he read an expert he wrote about his father and he began to cry and I tried so hard not to cry with him, and I just wanted to walk up there and give him a hug and shake his hand. He was really brave to read some of that to us. 
I just thought that watching the movie would help even more since I have to perform it tomorrow. 

I am really starting to like the concept of our dance, and we open the dance by walking in lines through the audience up to the stage. She wanted it to look like we were marching in lines to the camp, which I thought was a neat idea. And we are holding candles, and place them on stage, and blow them out at the very end. Our costumes are all mismatched (mine is actually torn because we got a lot of pieces from goodwill and its a long sleeve, so of course it ripped on the arms from turns and things), and we sprinkle flower petals all over the floor while we dance. We also have a backdrop that is pulled away as we walk up the stage (its a collage of Jewish symbols and Ann Frank, I think it was actually from Ann Frank when it was done like a decade ago there). So I am hoping it will look really nice.

Though....I hope the dance isn't very controversial. But the music is really beautiful (It's actually the violin outro from Schindler's List) and the partner dance and lifts are BEAUTIFUL with the 2 best people in our class. I hope we all do well tomorrow, especially with the theme of the dance.
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