hey everyone (:
so this is for botbc, round 4. it's the halloween bash (:
I included a trick-or-treating bag! it's kind of what I did for my costume. I took a canvas bag and drew a messy grid on it, so it looked a bit like a basket. then I tied a red ribbon around it so it would be a bit more red riding hood-y (:

ok, so for my dream halloween party. 
it would be in an old castle-y place, super romantic and all. but not like super creepy. it would be on a hillside in england ♥
the place would have maroon and gold decorations. gold chandeliers, maroon carpets, wood paneling, all fancy like that :) 
the main room would be kind of dark and only lit by jack-o-lanterns ~ spooky ~ and would have a dance floor and all. and then there would be a stage where (who else) one direction would be performing ♥
soo 1D would be invited (obviously) plus ed sheeran because he's an amazing singer, audrey hepburn because she's gorg, plus all my bffs (duh). eric would be there ♥ I wouldn't want THAT many people there lol.
acitvities? dancing I guess... just party things :)
I would wear something like this (which is what I wore for halloween) because it would be a costume party. I'd prob wear a cool masquerade mask like in PLL 

I finally got in touch with eric! he was able to charge his phone at a supermarket near his house, thank god ♥

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