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The socialites of UES are no stranger to mean girls - and that is exactly what some of them are. Rise and shine early because all the girls were invited to a Wednesday brunch that is fundraising for breast cancer. Bring your check books and arm candy ; and don't forget to wear pink!

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I check my outfit in the mirrored wall of the lobby. It seemed strange to me that I would be the one to escort Henry and not the other way around. My mother had insisted I bring him as my guest instead of Will. I shrugged a little as I smoothed the skirt of my dress, the blatantly gay bellman nodding in approval. I offer him a humble smile and sigh as the elevator begins to descend from the penthouse where I assume Henry resides.

Though I am completely against being kind to him I must admit my heart rate has accelerated. Henry is handsome, a sweet smile attached to knwoing eyes. He is my perfect match, as my mother keeps telling me. The doors open and I lower my eyes, a blush coming into my cheeks. I play the proper, shy girl for him as I don't believe he could ever know the real me. He tilts his head at the desk boy and walks to me, hands in pockets. He is so nonchalant and relaxed it nearly unnerves me. He takes my hand to kiss it and keep myself from scowling. Barely. "Shall we?" I want this over with, perhaps I can lose him in the crowd and excuse my rudeness later.

He gestures toward the door and follows me out onto the street where a cab is waiting. My mother sent a car but I refuse to indulge her that far.

We arrive a little late and this has annoyed me. Henry rubbed my hand in the car and I kick myself for enjoying the warm sensation that spread throughout my body and calmed me. Falling for him would mean my mother would win and I can't allow that.

I introduce him to a few people when I spot the long blonde hair of Charlotte Rhodes. I met her a few weeks back at A BAR event for my Mother's firm. She has a spark behind her eyes that tells of intelligence not found often enough in this community. I politely push my way through the crowd and away from Henry to greet her. She sees me coming and smiles. I can tell she isn't thrilled to be here. "Hello Charlotte!" I say as enthusiastically as I can muster and she gives me that look, that she understands. "I see I'm not alone in my lack of luster today?" She waves at another girl before letting her smile go lazy again. I laugh shortly "It's not that I don't like brunch.." I pause and step closer to her "My mother forced me to bring Henry." I try again not to grimace and nearly fail entirely. I certainly envied Charlotte her freedom. "Henry? But he's so...dreamy." She said with a far off look and I smack her arm gently to bring her back to reality. "Despite that, he is irritating and arrogant and..ugh." I give up on adjectives. "Look, he's coming this way, I better go. We should catch up soon!" I wish I could stay and speak with her but Henry is at my side again.

"So sorry, Charlotte had some news for me." i lie. Henry smiles and looks at Charlotte's retreating form "Oh? She works with your mom, right?" He offers me a glass of what must be a Screwdriver and I accept it gladly "Yes, my mother is fond of her." I take a rather unladylike gulp of the alcoholic drink. "Woah, slow down.." Henry says concernedly. I cover my mouth "Sorry, didn't have breakfast." Another lie. Henry isn't stupid, he senses my cold shoulder and seems almost resigned to it. "Henry?" I want to tell him it isn't personal, that I have ...goals. But I am interrupted by a tap on my shoulder.

I turn and am enveloped in a hug from Vanessa Banks. My face honestly lights up "Vanessa!" Her perfume is so individual to her that I know without seeing her face. She leans back and looks at me and I blush. It isn't rare that many girls, including me, are attracted to her...a girl crush I suppose. "How are you?" She asks but I shake my head "No way, show me." I smirk, it is widely known that her longtime boyfriend finally proposed, and on V day to boot. She sighs and offers her hand. I take it and appraise the jewel "I suppose it will do." I tease and she takes her hand back laughing. "I'm throwing an engagement party, you will be there." She commands and I obey. "Of course! I already have it penned in my date book." I say proudly. Henry shuffles awkwardly behind me and Vanessa raises an eyebrow. We both tend to be so busy that I hadn't yet been able to explain him to her. "I'll have to forward that email, I keep forgetting and it just sits in my inbox." I hope she catches my drift and she does. "Yes, I'll know to look for it." She winks and gives an approving look at Henry. I roll my eyes subconsciously and she glides away. I frown now that I really must attend to him.

I down the rest of the drink and turn "Now, where were we?" I smile and he grins.
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