Aria Cohen;;

"What do you want?" I said annoyed as i accepted my brother Face Time call. 

"Hello to you too little sister." Brody said with his all to familiar smirk on his face. 

"Yeah i have to study. So again what do you want?" I said with a huff. I swear he knew i was studying and just wanted to make sure i failed so he could look good.

"Just letting you know that i'll becoming to Brown for Thanksgivings." I looked at him . "Are you serious?" I asked raising an eyebrow , my brother was one of the most judgemental people i knew.

"Yes Ria , You'll be graced by my presence." He said rolling his eyes a little.


"Because that what i agreed on with Mum and Dad." he said with a shrug "Just letting you know i plan on bring my girlfriend."

"Not Jenny." I whined , I hated that girl at the best of times and now i had to tell with at the one place i thought i'd never have to see at , this was a whole new level of not okay.

Maybe not but it was in the top 3 only beaten Tyler's existence and Nickelback.

"Not Jenny Ria , we broke up months ago." he said rolling his eyes.

"Why did you fail to tell me that? Why did you break with up her , was she cheating because i always said she looked like a w.hore." I said happily causing Brody to cough making me play attention to him.

"Because its irrelevant any way Carlie and I will be staying with Leo, Summer and Dad." he said ignoring me conversation about Jenny.

"What about Mum?" I asked , it sounded odd she wasn't coming. "Staying in New York. Got to make sure Wok N Roll stays intact."

"Ohh." I said nodding , I had been calling in with my parents ever since that stupid storm hit. While our house wasn't ruined it was just the power outage that affected them.

"Yeah. Are you still heading home for Christmas?" Brody asked , I nodded no matter how much i loved Providence , nothing compared to Christmas in New York.

He nodded "Alright well i gotta go, I have lacrosse practice."

"Lacrosse is lame." I said as he rolled his eyes and hung up.

Ah siblings don't you just love them.


I checked the library 3 times , must have been day with no Tyler , maybe he decided to throw himself of the top of a building or maybe and more likely and definetly more annoying he was probably plotting away to annoy and upset me.

But i had no time to worry about useless Tyler's.

Studying was happening today.

"Oi! You!" A distinctly irish accent said causing me to look around. "And she finds me." My eyes narrowing a tall curly haired guy who was wearing hipster looking glasses.

Great lose one as.shole , gain another foreign one.

"What do you want?" I said , I was tired off this. Note go to RISD and study next time.

"I think we have stuff to discuss." he said grinning "Similiar interests."

"Doubtful." I said folding my arms. "Look if your friends with Tyler , you can kindly f.uck off." I said trying to push my way past.

"I am not friends with him." The guy said blocking me off "Look if you just sit and talk , I will explain everything." I rolled my eyes. 

"You have five minutes , If i don't understand i will leave and if you block me , I will make sure you never have kids. Got it?"

He winced "You're not very pleasant are you. Can't say i blame you since you have to deal with Tyler." he said holding out a chair for me.

I glared but took the seat begrudgingly. "Start talking you are running out of time."

"Okay so basically you and i are very similar." he said , I raised an eyebrow "You know except the fact i have a and i'm irish." he said.

"Right. Is that your point?"

"No. Like you i turned out a certain society." he said earning my interest. I looked over at him "Why?"

"Because i can't stand condescending pricks." he said honestly , "Plus they are such kill joys. You can't even have a smoke when your part of it, Did you know it? F.cking wan,kers."

"No , I flat out rejected it , I didn't bother to look up the rule guide." 

He nodded holding up a book "The librarian was looking over , I swear that woman needs to get laid. I would do it but you know i wouldn't want to break her."

"Back to the society please. Your non existent sex life disgusts me." i said sweetly. 

"Anyway , like you they decided to ruin me." he said rolling his eyes and running his hand throw his messy hair.

"And did they?"

"Yeah fu.cking wan.kers but because i am a nice person , I am going to help you stop them." he said grinning.


"Well you can stop them , I can get revenge , It's really a win a win situation." he said. "So what'd you think?"

I nodded , it did sound good. Tyler was an a.sshole and i was sure that Cammie was part of it as well and my god did they need to get taken a peg or two.

"I'll help you out..." I said. "But we need a cover."

"Or right your boyfriend. Great by the way." he said , I raised an eyebrow at this smirking slightly. "What i can appreciate a good regardless of gender."

"Well that's lovely but we need cover and what is your name, like seriously or do you just want me to call you Ireland?"

"Have you heard off The Indy?" he said grinning 

"The newspaper?" I asked , he nodded "Your my new intern." he said grinning.

"And my names Dean by the way."


"Figured as much. Now if you don't mind , I have to go talk to the girls from Alpha Chi Omega. They love my accent." he said.

"And how will i find you?"

"You don't , I'll find you . Later Cohen"

"Whatever you say Bono."

"Hmm i thought you'd compare to that pixie from one direction." he said smirking a little.

"Wait how did you know my last name?" I said but it's to late the boy moved quick.

Note to self , don't go to library anymore.

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