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Song-Lover In Me
Artist-Selena Gomez

This set is dedicated to Bailey aka @hopper13-1 cuz she loves pink c: Everyone go follow her. Omg im dreading school on Monday. xc ughhh anyone wanna go for me? No? ok lol cx Alright well ill be on pm me if you wanna, hope you like the set ♥

Style of outfit: Chic/ retro


Have a super sparkly day!
-Sparkles ♥

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@selly-gomez3 Samantha my gwad I think I'd die without you, like I'm legit not kidding. You're like practically a sister to me, I love you to death. You don't know how much you've helped me, and how much I love you is just beyond words. Please don't ever leave, I need you here. You are the Selena to my Gomez bby. ♥
@emma-belieber-1994 Emma I have never met someone as kind and sweet as you. You are such an amazing girl and a wonderful friend. I'm blessed to have you as a friend and I'm so happy we've become so close. I love you so so so much my Selenator and Belieber bestie. ♥
@minniemouse-99 Ida you are such an amazing girl and friend. You've always been there for me through thick and thin, thank you for always being here. You make such amazing sets and you're amazing. Never stop being you. ♥
@b3than-y My lil' O I love you so much. We have our up's and down's but we will never let go. Through thick and thin you will always be my best friend. You are amazing and flawless and your arugment is invalid ok? ♥
@selena-g-marie-anon Emma ilysm, my lil' emmz. 
You are the Justin to my Bieber. My ultimate fangirling bestie. You are so smart and gorgeous...and like I can't. You're so adorable it's not even funny. ilysm my flawless boo ♥
@weirdo2000 homie where do I begin, you are so brave and strong, and gorgeous, and ilysm and I can't live without you ♥
@s-ehl3nu-r the shamazing Sarah, ilysm Skittle buddie, you're perf bby ♥
@ill3stkyli33 tiana my gwad ilysm bby girl ok? your so perf thank you for always having my back ♥
@barefootcinderella-1 You are the sweetest most amazing girl I've ever met and such a great friend. Eva my gosh....your just flawless ok...I'm so darn glad I met you. You make my days 100% better ♥
@starlight-twin you're so adorable and sweet, I love your sets and you girly ♥ 
@luv2dance1806xxx Lana is my selenator best frand, ilysm girly ♥
@swagg3r-ch3r the swaggerific Jelenator fangirl, ilysm cher ♥
@frannycupcake sweeter than cake ♥
@summertime-sadnesss Emily ily, you're amazing at fangirling, and mark my words emullen will happen one day ♥
@skylar72 my amazing boo ♥
@modelely such a sweet and lovely friend, we are beliebers forever ♥
@purplerosepetal ♥

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