Speechless {by} Lady Gaga 
- sorry I just had to...I realllyyyyy miss her old songs :p AND MY TOPSHOP KNICKERS ARE HERE!! <333 {they're in the set!!}

I have to go back to Italy sometime...and it's never going to feel like home...I loved it there, but there's too much going on. 

My friend back in France was expelled, and not from school, it's something more serious that I can't talk too anyone due to lack of knowledge...I have no idea what happened, and I may never know... ugh Brigitte, I hope for the best in her life. 

There have been so many rumors of us in our hometown in France. 
+ I supposedly slept with Etienne / / They threw clothes at me and tried to cut my hair 'once'
+ Brigitte was pregnant with her boyfriend Adrien -.- they put pregnancy tests with so many insults on them and left them in her locker
+ I supposedly had 'affairs' with some other guys in my class ?! Sure...at 14, I would totally be doing those things when I'm in one of the many educated families in France.
+ Brigitte and I stole from a market, and some more stuff that was never relevant to my real actions in life ; people are so stupid

I could never do those things...they're senseless to me. When I die, I want to die as old as I can ever get. I don't want to be murdered, burned, strangled, drugged, r-ped, abused, or anything. I just want to die peacefully, and naturally. I don't want anyone there to pester me with an ambulance. I just want to lay there in bed until someone reports I've lost my own life. Is that so hard?
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