often, we WANT to get a good workout but dont have the time. we have SO much going on! So what if you could incorpurate good workouts into your daily life, while getting other things done? it is possible- read on!
Each item on this list has two parts- What you're putting the workout into and the actual workout! :)

1. In the Shower!
Yup, you can get a workout in the shower... and have more time to do other things (such as sleeping in???) and also be earth friendly! I dont do this every day, but when I want to sleep in, wake up faster or get a workout, I do this: Take a REALLY fast shower. As in your goal is 5 minutes. That is such a short time, when you try it. Keep a clock in the bathroom so you can keep track. Notice I said 'goal'. You arent going to get down to 5 minutes your first try. But try it! Really, your heart will get racing! It can be fun if you decide its like a game :)

2. Brushing your Teeth!
This is twice a day, so you will get really strong in no time! Simply do the imaginary chair while brushing (when you lean your back against a wall or door frame and slide down so that your legs form right angles). You wont be able to do it for long, but you'll get stronger and stronger. Youll get nice looking legs too :)

3. Washing the Dishes
This one has a lot of possibilities, but here's one... You can do 'releves' as in ballet- Just stand flat feet, go up to tippie toes, come down straight legged and repeat. A lot. It will burn but pay off over time!!

4. Any time youre sitting down
You can do leg lifts, just little ones if you cant do big ones. You can also do this leg excercise: Sit with your legs at right angles. Without moving your thigh, straighten your leg... this sounds easy but its so HARD. Ive been doing this often and I can already SEE the results. Its amazing.

5. When you're studying or reading
You can do a couple things here, including the above. You can balance on your tailbone and extend your legs and balance (the lower you keep your straight legs, the better it'll be for your abbs). You can stretch. :) You can do the imaginary chair (Thanks @rosegold26 ). You can do SO many things!

6. Between Commercials
lol why are you watching TV when you could be doing something else? :). Anyway, you can do anything during commercials. :)

Other Times to Try:
-Before bed- I set aside ten minutes and do a five minute abb workout, stretch and do extra whatever I feel like doing.
-Take a class! I take dance which is SUCH a workout (ew Im so gross afterwards...). You can take dance, yoga, or anything physical.
-Take a walk! Not only will this destress you but also give you excercise. Amp it up to a run if you want to!

Hope this helps!

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