[MV] XIA(준수)(JUNSU)Incredible (feat. Quincy)

The Battle Of Biases
Created by @chomiczynka.

For each contest you have to make set with your kpop bias according to 4 rules!
Here are rules for first contest - BIAS IN MV
✓ Pick one of your biases and make a set using screencaps from his or her MV; if your bias is in a group try to use screencaps with her/him [it can be a group shot but she/he must be among other members:)] - 5 points
✓ Make your set title the title of the MV and your bias name - 5 points
✓Use in your set an animal that is your bias Chinese zodiac sign; you can check it here: http://kpoplists.com/post/10288790064 
It can be picture of that animal, decoration, it can be printed on clothes, it's up to you:) - 5 points
✓Use cosmetics or pillows as fillers - 5 points
Always post those rules below your set and in place of ♡ put ✓ [it will help you to remember to make set according to all of the rules]
#BattleOfBiases #kimjunsu
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