An art collage from September 2012
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  • NOVICA Handcrafted Folk Art Wall Hanging
    A breathtaking palette of colors greets the viewer in this depiction of an open air market in an Andean village. Maria Uyauri works in arpilleria - embroidered appliques of fabric cutouts embroidered by hand - to create a variety of fruits and vegetables and the women who sell them. A display rod can slip through an opening at the top of the wall hanging.
  • love nest
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  • NOVICA Hand Crafted Gujarati Cotton Wall Hanging
    A sweet pink lotus blooms on this exquisite Gujrati wall hanging. With handcrafted applique and golden zari embroidery this textile focuses on shades of pink white and red. Sequins add glitter to this delightful Indian tapestry from Meena in India. Because each wall hanging is crafted by hand each is an individual work of art and will vary slightly in color and pattern from that shown.
  • NOVICA Handmade Indian Cotton Batik Elephant Wall Hanging
    A royal personage rides in grand style atop a regally clad elephant in this handcrafted batik wall hanging from Siddique in India. Batik is an ancient art form whereby wax is applied to the cloth so it will resist the dye. In complex designs using multiple colors such as this one the process must be repeated many times. The wall hanging features loops at the top for a tapestry rod (not included).
  • NOVICA Silk wall hanging
    Gold and silver flowers blossom on a beautiful pink field in a mesmerizing wall hanging designed by Thanyarat Sananpanich. Woven of the finest silk the wall hanging displays an intricate brocade embroidered by hand. It is known as Phrae Wa which is unique to the Phu Thai people from the Kalasin province. The wall hanging includes two ornate display rods that are carved from local krabak wood. The rods are removable.
  • NOVICA Unique Thai Hill Tribe Wall Hanging
    Delicate as new growth on cool mountainsides plants take root and flourish in fine hand-embroidery. Aphi Mina transforms nature into art in this handcrafted wall hanging. Appliqu panels reveal her vivid imagination and consummate skill as she blends stylized motifs with Akha design. Complemented by Burmese nickel coins and horsehair tassels the textile is displayed on a bamboo rod. Aphi Mina crafts these textiles like a painter would each piece representing something that occurs around her at the time. So no two pieces are alike [although they are in essence similar to the picture]. If she wakes up in the morning after having dreamed of pink elephants she might just decide to incorporate part (either with a new motif or new color) of this dream in the piece. Because of her age and her unique situation as a keeper of traditional arts Novica allows for greater variance in her works than with other artists.
  • NOVICA Gujrati wall hanging
    Grassy paths wend their way through fields of flowers embroidered by hand. Applique and beadwork celebrate spring's enchantment in a wall hanging from Meena. Sequins evoke starlight in this delightful Gujrati wall hanging. Because each is an individual work of art colors and motifs can vary slightly from those pictured.
  • complicated kisses
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  • NOVICA Cotton wall hanging
    A beautiful Kinaree descends on the mythical Himmapan forest in the realm of Hindu belief. Her graceful dance is hypnotic as she holds her delicate hands in a sensual pose. Kinarees are delicate creatures half-woman half-swan. Sophon paints her expressive portrait with acrylics on a cotton background. The wall hanging features a silk and cotton blend border and hangs from ornate raintree wood rods.
  • deserted island
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  • NOVICA Traditional Patchwork Gujarati Wall Hanging
    The fiery colors of sunset blaze across the sky in radiant splendor. From India's Meena brilliant shades of orange and tangerine underscore the beadwork and sequins in the rich applique and embroidery. Because each wall hanging is crafted by hand each is an individual work of art and may vary slightly in color and pattern from that shown.
  • NOVICA Traditional Patchwork Gujarati Wall Hanging
    Patchwork patterns create a colorful dreamscape in the composition of this wall hanging. Suggestive shapes appear within the flurry of yellow orange pink crimson green and brown hues. Presented by India's Meena this cotton wall hanging is decorated with lavish ornamentation including zari embroidery sequins and beads. Features hanging tabs for rod display.
  • overthinking
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  • NOVICA Cotton wall hanging
    A Kinaree strikes a graceful coy pose as she dances through the mystical lands of the Himmapan forest. Borne from the realm of Hindu belief Kinarees are beautiful creatures with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a regal swan. Their portraits often grace temple walls throughout Thailand. Sophon paints this mesmerizing wall hanging with acrylics on a cotton background. The wall hanging features a silk and cotton blend border and hangs from ornate raintree wood rods.
  • alien love
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  • NOVICA 100% Cotton Floral Mandala Wall Hanging from India
    Glorious shades of lavender teal and sapphire adorn this cotton tapestry designed by Indian artisan Osho Maharaja. A simple black border draws the eye to the beautiful mandala at the center of the wall hanging which is intricately patterned with elephants and floral motifs. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit.
  • twilight
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  • Yoins Round Peacock Print Tassel Wall Hanging
    The round peacock print tassel wall hanging is a multifunctional and perfect wardrobe. It could be regarded as Indian wall hanging, yoga mat, beach wear, women cape and home decor tapestry. You deserve to own the magic thing.
  • NOVICA Orange Cotton Buddhist Mandala Bohemian Wall Tapestry
    In the Sanskrit language mandala is a word that means circle. It is a traditional work of art often created by Buddhist and Hindu monks through a painstaking process that takes days. With this silk-screened cotton wall hanging Indian artisan Osho Maharaja takes inspiration from the mandala recreating its floral and leaf motifs using a variety of colors. This versatile piece can also be used as a tablecloth or bedspread. Please note: Superfluous color might bleed during the first few washes.

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