An art collage from September 2012
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  • incredible india
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  • NOVICA Artisan Crafted Gujarati Cotton Wall Hanging
    Flowers flourish in bright cotton fields their petals embroidered by hand. Crafted with applique and glittering zari threads this splendid Gujrati wall hanging comes to life in shades of pink and fuchsia. Sequins add glamour to this delightful Indian tapestry from Meena in India. Because each wall hanging is crafted by hand each is an individual work of art and will vary slightly in color and pattern from that shown.
  • warrior queen
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  • NOVICA Intricate Colorful Handwoven Andean Floral Wool Tapestry
    Birds of all kinds inhabit a colorful world. Woven by hand they sing a joyous song to flourishing flowers some of which are hand-embroidered across the wall hanging. Adolfo Quispe transforms virgin wool into a beautiful hand-loomed tapestry in the style of Ayacucho. Wonderfully intricate it mirrors the images on top and bottom. Titled T'ikay - blossoming in the Quechua language.
  • NOVICA Indian Radha and Krishna Cotton Batik Wall Hanging
    In perfect harmony Lord Krishna dances with his beloved Radha both swaying to the music of his flute. Siddique from India presents this beautiful handmade cotton batik wall hanging. Batik is an ancient art form whereby wax is applied to the cloth so it will resist the dye. In complex designs using multiple colors such as this one the process must be repeated many times. The wall hanging features loops at the top for a tapestry rod (not included).
  • peacock
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  • NOVICA India Batik Art Wall Hanging in Cotton
    The harvest over an empty farm cart is parked beneath a spreading shade tree. Autumn colors permeate the evocative scene depicted in a beautiful batik wall hanging by Siddique.
  • zulu queen
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  • NOVICA Silk wall hanging
    Gold and silver flowers blossom on a beautiful pink field in a mesmerizing wall hanging designed by Thanyarat Sananpanich. Woven of the finest silk the wall hanging displays an intricate brocade embroidered by hand. It is known as Phrae Wa which is unique to the Phu Thai people from the Kalasin province. The wall hanging includes two ornate display rods that are carved from local krabak wood. The rods are removable.
  • NOVICA Artisan Crafted Hill Tribe Cotton Wall Hanging
    A secret codex is about to be revealed through the colorful art of Aphi Mina. Transformed into lumi patterns they tell of the Akha's fascinating textile legacy. Embroidered by hand over cotton cloth the runner is embellished with four traditional coins on every corner. Aphi Mina crafts these textiles like a painter would each piece representing something that occurs around her at the time. So no two pieces are alike [although they are in essence similar to the picture]. If she wakes up in the morning after having dreamed of pink elephants she might just decide to incorporate part (either with a new motif or new color) of this dream in the piece. Because of her age and her unique situation as a keeper of traditional arts Novica allows for greater variance in her works than with other artists. Hailing from the majestic lands of Nepal the Akha tribe has spread throughout the mountains of China Laos Myanmar and Thailand. Today there are about 20 000 Akha natives living in the northern hills of Thailand. Akha villages are distinguished by beautifully carved gates protected by fierce guardian spirits. This is a proud and timeless culture struggling to preserve its cultural values through their traditional skills and knowledge. In the Akha society women play an important role and among these women is prominent artisan Aphi Mina committed to spreading their colorful handmade items all over the world.
  • mother earth
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  • NOVICA Hand Crafted Gujarati Embellished Cotton Wall Hanging
    Sunny paths wend their way amid autumn trees embroidered by hand. Working in applique and beadwork Meena designs a forest where lovers meet. Sequins evoke starlight in this delightful Gujarati wall hanging. Because each wall hanging is crafted by hand each is an individual work of art and may vary slightly in color and pattern from that shown.
  • 3 in 1
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  • NOVICA India Gujrati Art Patchwork Wall Hanging
    Framed by embroidery fields of bright color reveal intricate motifs. Ornate beadwork and sparkling sequins twinkle and shine on cotton applique. From Meena natural fibers are transformed into a wall hanging that conjures a summer holiday.
  • grapefruit
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  • NOVICA Batik Art Cotton Wall Hanging Artisan Crafted
    Caught under the spell of each others' loving gaze a man and a woman enjoy a romantic encounter in a mystical garden. India's Siddique masters batik techniques to capture the seductive energy between lovers in this cotton wall hanging. Includes tabs for hanging.
  • polynesian pearl 8
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  • NOVICA Wool Tapestry Red Wall Hanging
    By Peru's David Laura Zanabria this dazzling tapestry takes its inspiration from the sunflowers that abound in his homeland. He works in virgin wool creating neat borders in low relief around the petals. Fringe finishes the signature piece and a display rod can be slipped through a hem at the top. Titled Sumac Huayta (Pretty Flower) in Quechua.
  • polynesian pearl 7
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  • NOVICA Cotton batik wall hanging
    Centered in a field of scarlet Lord Shiva takes on his dancing form that of Natraj. The lithe dancer poses gracefully one leg planted firmly on a dwarf who represents the physical ego of man. One of Shiva's hands shows the gesture of wisdom another the gesture of grace. With his other two hands he holds a bowl of fire that signifies wisdom and a damaru a tiny drum whose voice is the counterpart of wisdom. In Shiva's cosmic dance the different sounds emanating from the damaru keep the world moving in an eternal flux of rhyme and rhythm. Siddique presents the elegant image in a bright batik wall hanging.
  • polynesian pearl 6
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  • Alicia Scardetta Wildwood Wall Hanging
    Wildwood Wall Hanging from Alicia Scardetta. Her woven works are part tapestry, part friendship bracelet, and heavily influenced by color. Measures 17.5" x 8.75". Made in New York.
  • polynesian pearl 5
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  • NOVICA Fair Trade Cotton Wall Hanging in Batik
    Sitting beneath a tree a girl enjoys sunset's splendor. A butterfly alights on her hand while a tame deer nibbles at her clothing. Siddique creates an idyllic scene from bygone days in this exquisite batik wall hanging.

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