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Indie/Hipster for Petite Girls


• Hair. Medium or long hair looks best on shorter and petite girls. It will also make you look your age, rather than younger.

• Tops. Fitted tops and blouses are the best as they will slim your figure and silhouette and keep your figure simple. Try a fitted, collared blouse.

• Outers. Stick with fitted outers, as they are simple and won’t look overwhelming. Try a fitted sweater, fitted denim jacket or a fitted coat in line with your hips.

• Skirts. Skirts that are hemmed just above your knee are best with a simple pattern. Choose a simple, one layer skirt. Try a simple, black skater skirt.

• Trousers & Jeans. Skinny jeans or slim cut trousers are the best for petite shapes because they elongate your silhouette. Try dark wash skinny jeans.

• Shoes. Choose boots or shoes with a slight heel to make you taller and heels obviously make you taller. Nude coloured shoes also create the illusion of making you looks taller, so try nude oxfords or flats. 

• Scarves. Light or knitted scarves with a simple pattern are best. Just don’t go too big or chunky.
• Bags. Stick to bags that are in proportion with your body, not too big. Try a small, over-the-body leather satchel bag

• Jewellery. Stick to small items and small amounts of jewellery

• One loose, bulky item per outfit looks nice and won’t bulk up you silhouette


• Short hair. Sometime short hair can make you look a lot younger than you actually are

• Tops. Stay away from long tops, because they will make your legs look shorter. Bulky tops will too bulky, so stick to simple, fitted tops

• Outers. Long, big coats are a no-go as they will make you look overwhelmed and bulky

• Skirts. Skirts below your knee make your legs look shorter and so do some maxi skirts. Be careful with these because some can wear them. Just get a good opinion on how you look before you buy anything

• Trousers & Jeans. Boot cut jeans and wide cut pants are pretty much banned for petite girls. Please do not wear them!!! Stick to the skinny cut styles.

• Shoes. No kind of shoe looks bad with petite shaped, but try and stay away from over-the-knee boots, they’ll make your legs look shorter

• Scarves. Stay away from big, chunky styles because they’ll look overwhelming with all the material

• Bags. Try and ditch oversized bags as they create an illusion and make you look shorter than you really are. Stick with smaller bags that look in proportion with your body

• Jewellery. Chunky, large amounts of jewellery will make you look cluttered and bulky

• Several bulky items will make you look overwhelmed and shorter than you really are. 
So basically, don’t wear anything too bulky or oversized and stick with fitted items and accessories that are in proportion with your body.

Hope you enjoyed this tip!

Laura xo
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