Decorating your room Indie/Hipster! ▲

Haiya Girlys! ▲ 

Indie/hipster rooms are just so, cool! They vary a lot, and are so unique and creative!

Here are some ideas:

1) Pictures from went you went traveling or went on an adventure

2) Re-use old pieces of furniture and odd pieces to create new things. For example in one of the pictures above, someone has re-used an old fashioned Television to store books in! Be creative! 

3) Have a photo wall! Cover your wall in heaps of your favorite pictures! 

4) fairy lights or Christmas lights! A pretty and clever way of lighting up your room!

5) Put your favorite outfit/outfits on a manikin! This way you can display you outfit as well as making your room look fabulous!

6) DIY'S!!! Create your own pieces for your room! Examples: Creating a shell mobile to hang over your bed. Or maybe create some paper flowers in a jar with your favorite patterned sheets of paper! This way you don't have to constantly water them!

7) A quote on your wall! You could have your one of your walls filled up with some inspirational and happy quotes that you like! Or you could get some old magazines and cute out letters to create your favorite quote to put above your bed!

8) Dream-catchers! They are so indie/hipster and are just too gorgeous! Hang one by your window or in a plank spot on your wall.

9) Maps! Really indie/hipster, so very cool, put them up on your walls! 

10) Hanging pictures! All you need is some rope, pegs and your favorite pictures off the internet or ones you've taken! This is a very effective way of displaying pictures!

11) Pin boards! These can have notes and pictures pinned to them and things like to do lists or things to remember pinned on to them. Also you could display cute and quirky sketches you might have done to create an artsy vibe.

12) Display your books! It can be very effective if you have all your books stored in a way so you can see them all! 

13) Florals! These are just gorgeous and having a simple floral blanket over your bed will g=make your room look awesome! 

14) Wall stickers! Just go online and there is a huge range of amazing stickers that are removable and won't rip the paint off your walls! Just remember to get good quality ones! 

I hope I've helped you! :)

Brigid! ▲▲▲▲▲
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