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  • Happy 4th y'all! It's a little late but it's okay. ❤️
  • Read the description. ):
  • Girls night out! ❤️
  • I made cheer!!!! <3

  • Rolling In The Deep
  • I'm A Mess
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • Breath of Life

  • 88 # She Changes with the Moon - Born to be a Model
  • 87 # 60-Second Style: The Coffee Date
  • 86 # Happy Halloween
  • 85 # Red Lipstick

  • The new taylor swift
  • Party Hairstyles
  • best of 2014
  • me and my brother going hunting
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  • ♥♫ If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face Baby I would, baby I would If I could make a better way, so you could see a better day Baby I would, baby I would, I would ♥♫
  • ♥♫ I remember tears streaming down your face, When I said I’ll never let you go. When all those shadows almost killed your light, I remember you said don’t leave me here alone, But all that’s dead and gone and past tonight.♥♫
  • ♥♫ Just close your eyes, The sun is going down. You’ll be all right, No one can hurt you now. Come morning light, You and I’ll be safe and sound.♥♫
  • ♥♫ I don't care what people say when we're together You know I wanna be the one who holds you in his sleep I just want it to be you and I forever I know you wanna leave so c'mon baby be with me so happily

  • In Bloom: Dark Florals
  • In Bloom: Dark Florals
  • In Bloom: Dark Florals
  • In Bloom: Dark Florals
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  • California Dreamer
  • modern day snow white
  • modern day snow white
  • modern day snow white

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017
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  • Journey

  • Leather Skirt
  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Thanksgiving Decor
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  • ~All she wanna do is smoke that broccoli~
  • 3 days AZ
  • Something good can work
  • Better recognize when I see you

  • Winter Layering:  Hot Hoodies
  • Cozy Staycation Style
  • Pack and Go:  Rio de Janeiro
  • Winter Fun:  Snow Bunny Style

  • Rose & Crimson Autumn with "88 EIGHTYEIGHT"
  • Warmer Lilac with ZAFUL
  • Through the City with Some Hoods
  • Late Party with NEWCHIC

  • ❤♡ ❤♡ I really really really really really really like you...❤♡❤♡ (Please read the description!)
  • 'Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run... ❤' (Please read, I need tips!)
  • 'So baby pull me closer, in the backseat of your Rover, That I know you can't afford, Bite that tattoo on your shoulder, Pull the sheets right off the corner, Of the mattress that you stole, From your roommate back in Boulder We ain't ever getting older!'
  • {(Where are you? Cause I can't see you, But I feel you watchin' me. Dilated, falling free, in a modern ecstasy)} ((Please read!!))

  • 연노랑
  • 不適合
  • ピンクの夜
  • 王様万歳

  • Happy birthday Brad!!!!!!!!!
  • Party with Rydel
  • Icon for contest!
  • OOTD

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