Based On The Fate Sisters From Hercules ~ Future

Name: Arden Fate
Age: 19
FC: Sara Paxton 
Bio: The sister who even though accepted her role as a fate wholeheartedly still takes to live like it’s a party. Arden Fate, the middle sister discovered her power only last year which basically for a while put her life slightly on hold. Growing up in Salem with her two sisters and her cousin Jason, Arden was always the more popular of the family, she always was invited to all of the parties, had all of the boyfriends and accepted the awkwardness of her sister Piper and the cleverness and cunning of Jason and Roxanne she mainly just tried to get on with her own life and stop her sisters holding her back, Arden was the regular teenage girl of the family and was also one of the normal residents of ‘Halloween Town’ unlike her fitting family. June 17th was the exact date when her life changed Arden started to have these flickering images when she focused on things, things like her boyfriend trying to get with her and when or like Jack Skellington getting attacked by a bunch of populars on his journey back into town for the holidays. Frightened she ran home and confronted her parents which is when they sat her down and told her. 

Their family are decedents of three figures in Greek mythology, very real and very powerful known as the goddesses of destiny, in their family the powers are past down and only show themselves when three girls are born as full sisters. It’s only happened a few times in the family and the last known trace was over 250 years ago, Roxanne, Arden and Piper fit the description, three full sisters. Arden can see the future and can see how peoples decisions will effect the way their lives will turn out or if a plan they had in mind will go successfully. The ability to see the future made it easier to brag to Roxanne and Piper as she sees her power as the most beneficial and knows how important it is and how pricey as well to the others, more people want to see the future rather than the past or present. Moving to Wishing Well was something that gave Arden her life back mainly as her friends had written her off as just another freak from that weird family after she’d started to act distantly when discovering her power. Being transferred opened up new doors and new friendship groups and basically gave her the life she wanted and needed, the party girl lifestyle, however the fact that people respected her at this school due to the clique wars made her a little bit more bigheaded and calculated like her older sister Roxanne, she never does favours for anyone but herself or unless they have cash in had or are ready to give her something she needs. 

Like Roxanne bends more towards the Nightmares and Piper toward Drifters, Arden likes to associate with the Elities, as before she became a Fate that was mainly her personality however she does have many other friends in the school and always sticks to the rule her and her sisters set, no freebies, don’t feel bad, it’s just business. Out of the girls Arden is also more of the naughtier one and likes to go out partying and snog on with boys, never really up for anything serious she likes to have fun but always maintains the power and never gets hurt. Why would she? Anything they are going to do or have in mind for her she can see with a little bit of concentration and can spot the bad ones a mile off if she wants anything serious. Secretly Arden does want a nice boyfriend and someone steady like Roxanne but settles for flings until she can find the right guy. Despite this though being a Fate she is highly respected by everyone and is also blunt and wary of certain people meaning that at times she does come across as a bit rude when she switches from party girl to business mode. The important thing about Arden is she is very level headed and knows when to leave the fun behind and be serious, she is also heavily loyal and knows exactly where her priorities lie, with Piper and Roxanne more than anyone else. Even though the ‘fun’ one of the trio this party girl has a serious deadly twist.
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