For Battle School, I interviewed Ines. Since I am in a rush, I'm just going to copy her message.
Hey, I tried to make this set have all the things you're crazy about... and then I went overboard. Sorry :/
Chapter 2... MIGHT be out...
Likes: My friends, hot chocolate and waffles, good food. Good clothes, sweaters and knitwear. I'm having such an obsession with knitwear at the moment. Chocolate and my hamster. My mum, my family. And nice clean room cause I spent the whole morning tidying up, ohmygosh. I like animals, and kittens and puppies. Drawing and writing. I like music and perfume. I like the smell of nice guys op. Hugs and kisses on the forehead him. And erm I like calendars, and Marvel Superheroes. Thor is my baby as well as Hulk and Ironman. -w00t- Febreeze and er, warm slippers. I LIKE MAKE-UP AND HAIR TUTORIALS. Plus compliments and anime/manga. And plushies, loads and loads of plushies. Cutesy things and tights with patterns on...thick scarves and hats that are like animals. o.e Obscene amounts of bracelets and long necklaces. Procrastinating. My notebook full of stories, and an empty cover for my future planning to go. Writing essays and doing well in school, making my mother proud and singing awfully in the shower. Daydreaming about Doctor Who and Merlin. Stand-up comedy. Polyvore, my Poly-friends, my friends, have I said my friends already? Concerts, concerts, concerts. And obviously Anh. :3 I kissed an owl yesterday, so I like owls. Dislikes: Snobby people, annoying people, people that I hate, people that can't speak properly, people that can't use proper grammar, people that are bitches, people in general. I don't like humanity, I don't like relationships because of the drama of it all. I'd rather look sexy and strut around, okie? Op, hehehehehe. People that try to be hard. I hate the cold but at the same time I love it. I hate the heat but at the same time I love it, but not when it's too hot, that's just awful. I hate British Weather because it's never the same. It's always just rainy. CURSE YOU! I hate homework and school, even though I work far too hard in it omg. I hate using too much foundation that you just bought and there's like none now and I'm trying to use it sparingly omg. I HATE WHEN YOUR CONCEALER BREAKS AND YOU CAN'T GIVE IT BACK. I don't like burnt food. I hate gum and ohgod, I hate coriander. Bleeeeurgh. It's not even the taste or the smell, I just hate it. But the taste and smell adds to it. I hate squeaky noises and people popping out randomly, God knows why I'm going to Fright Night at Thorpe Park. BUT I LOVE THEME PARKS OHMYGOSSSSH. I hate working hard, I'm a lazy girl :3 Dreams: I want to be a writer, I don't want to die without having known that I changed someone's life. I like having people read my work, but I'm scared that it's not good enough. I want to be remembered when I die, not just by my loved ones, but by a lot of people. That's why I want to write, I know I won't be the most famous, but I'll try to work my hardest so people will enjoy my writing. I want to make my family proud of me, and most of all I want to be happy. ^-^
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