Infinite's comeback teaser is just asdfghjk

I know they will actually comeback in May but they need to rest,
so I'll wait patiently...with Big Bang's performances...and SHINee's comeback I can wait for Infinite:)

That's why I like about kpop: every month, every week there is new release from some artist/band :)

BTW, I think Woohyun and Dongwoo are stealing my heart from Myungsoo.

Honestly, Myungsoo is only person on my top bias list thanks to his appearance.

I like personalities of my biases, not really their looks. [I don't even find T.O.P that handsome, I just love his bingu - clumsy - off stage image:P] 

While poker face Myungsoo is so far from what I Iike. I just dislike emo/sad/never smiling guys,

Dongwoo is like ideal, whenever I see video with him I want to have him as my boyfriend - but I don't feel like that while looking as his photos;

and Woohyun's his biggest advantage and disadvantage:P


Wrote 4 years ago
@chomiczynka lol. Ah, but it would be weird if he his role wasn't as chic~ Or at least I think so. x3

Wrote 4 years ago
@juiceboxmob , I keep telling myself that Myungsoo deep inside is clumsy dork:P But watching Shut Up! Flower Boy Band doesn;t help since they gave him the same role as his stage image: chic, poker face boy who tries to stare sexily [but fails; he's not T.O.P after all:P]

Wrote 4 years ago
ah, but MyungSoo can be so cute~ He's so cold at first but when he smiles everything in the world just seems so much brighter. And he's clumsy too. And despite his chic appearance at first, MyungSoo really is great and his looks just make it that much better.
Strangely enough MyungSoo isn't my bias in Infinite. (Sunggyu is...) But, he's a close second and I think even in my top ten now that I've watched more shows with Infinite.
Dongwoo is just a dork. :3
And the tree is just too greasy that you can't help but love him.
I'm very excited for the comeback. ouo and though I wish it was closer, the boys really do need to rest. They've been working continuously since the beginning of last year it seems.
as for BigBanng, I'm glad they're back. I love the music. :3
SHINee's comeback...I dun know yet... Minho's teaser photo was kinda ... eh. But I think I'll like the concept. Hopefully, the title doesn't seem like it matches the photo(s) though.

Wrote 4 years ago
I absolutely can not wait for INFINITE's comeback!! The teaser is incredible! The boys all look soooo handsome and gorgeous. ^ ^ Our HamsterGyu and lovely Kenyan look so amazing. But gosh... our Namstar has really been impressing me lately. He looks terrific! =D
I love Big Bang's comeback. It's awesome, for sure! :)
As for SHINee's... I'm a Shawol, but.. I'm really 'iffy' over their's. I really don't like Minho's teaser photo. I'm very confused over the whole concept right now. Especially since the title is "Sherlock". O_o
Really really beautiful set!!! <3

Wrote 4 years ago
@nyamnyam , haha, I thought the same about MInho's photo but [afraid of many Shawols here] I didn't say a word about it:P

Wrote 4 years ago
i don't think they will I heard they are going to promote in Japan :/
i am not interested in SHINee's comeback...i don't know...especially after I saw Minho's photo...its...terrible! that's all I can say! xD

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