On a side note: I just finished City of Fallen Angels! Oh my gosh, that ending was ahh! He's back 0.0 

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10 things I love:

1. Family & Friends
I agree with @diegolohve about family and friends. Not much to say, other that I have unconditional love for them :)

2. Clothes & Fashion
I love clothes and fashion in general, but I hate shopping. I hate shopping because it is such a hassle, especially when you can’t find what you’re looking for, but when you do find what you want, it’s great! The majority of the time, I don’t find what I am looking for and it is by the one of the most infuriating things. I love minimalist style; I like having classic pieces that you can mix and match with others pieces.

3. Art 
Art was always my favourite subject at Secondary school. I enjoy drawing and there are so many artists that I am inspired by. I love Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Gustav Klimt. I love museum exhibitions.

4. Books
I think everyone here knows I love books! Hence book review sets ;) I like to read because it’s a way of an escape. I admire authors who come up with creative stories in their writing and have the ability to lure the reader into the story. My favourite book is the Perks of Being a Wallflower! Hence this set. If it weren’t for tumblr, I would never have discovered Perks! I found these quotes floating about on tumblr and I thought they sounded so special and memorable. I was hoping I would like the book and I did. I am glad I brought the book. 

Other books I have discovered this year that are my favourites is Sempre by J.M. Darhower, the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens and the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. 

5. Music
I love music so much! There a certain type of music that speaks to you. I love going to a gig/concert and seeing your favourite perform live just the best feeling ever. I can’t describe it. Some of my favourites of the moment are: One Night Only, the Strokes, Paramore, the Joy Formidable, Arctic Monkeys and Florence + the Machine! I love it when you hear a really good song. 

6. Creative people.
I really admire creative people, true innovators. People who something new (particularly in design) that changes the world. Some of that people I am influenced by are Vivienne Westwood, Mary Quant, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 

7. Typography 
I started to love Typography design during my Art A Level. I started draw calligraphy handwriting and I really enjoyed it, then this kinda led to my typography tendencies. Sometimes I can draw basic typography freehand. If I weren’t studying fashion, I would have definitely studied graphic design. 

8. Food
I do really love food. Eating amazing food and desserts are the best feelings ever, especially when your hungry and feel like you could eat anything. I say, “Food has never tasted so good!” sometimes I go through phases when I don’t eat at Uni because I get so busy, then I get a scolding by my friend who says “you have to eat!” 

9. My Macbook 
My macbook is the best thing I’ve ever brought! I was a bit in love with it when I got it. I even named it! My Mac’s name is Maxxie, named after Maxxie from Skins! Everything by Apple is amazing; thanks to Steve Jobs. Enough said. 

10. Travelling (being a tourist!)
I love getting on that plane (I love flying) with anticipation of going somewhere new and exploring a new culture. Where you live is completely different as to where another country lives and it’s like you’re entering a new world. People always rave about London and how great it is. To me, it’s nothing extraordinary because I live here, but to a tourist it’s an amazing place. 

11. Happy
As John Lennon once told happiness is the key to life. Could not agree more! 

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@scelestum hi there, awe thanks! Glad you manage to find it again : ) that's okay, no worries. xo

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I saw this look a while ago but for some unknown reason I didn't like, have just sent the last 3hrs searching for it again and now that I've finally found it I've got to say it's magnificent !!

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The Book Review Club ( books )

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