feat. Infinite

I don't love infinite's new mini album, but I do still like it :)

I like "Infinitize" and "The Chaser", they both are a good funk/pop/rock combination that for some reason keep reminding me of race cars? 

I really like the rhythm of "Feel so bad"- the beginning immediately got me hooked to the song, though its not my favorite. "In The Summer" has the whole summer, by the beach, acoustic guitar feel and even though it's lovely I can't help thinking it sounds a lot like a song I've heard before...but I don't what song :/ I don't even know if it is K-pop or some American song. 

"Only Tears" is a magical ballad, and one of Infinite's best! Can't help but compare this song to a more "pop" version of what Rascal Flatts would do :) But I love both groups so I consider it a compliment. 

"I Like You" is divine and reminds me a lot of the music they had in their previous full album (Which I loved!) Same goes for the last song "With..." These two songs are some of my favorites. 

So I didn't dislike any of the songs :) But my favorites are "I like you" "With..." and "Only Tears" ^^

What did you girls think?
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