Friday the 27th; IT’S THE SEASON TWO PREMIERE OF “IT’S NOT A GAME”! Come dressed to impress in gowns because the whole night is going to be filmed and shown on TV during commercials of the premiere episode. It is black tie, so bring a man on your arm and a smile on your face, and now let’s show the world that we don’t play games. 

"This is it babe" Dune said as we got down his dad's limo
"I know im so nervious" i said slightly shaken
"Dont be you look amazing, and well you are amazing things will be ok, just dont fall" he said and chuckled while 
i stared at him in shock i was not thinking about that.
"i wasn't thinking about tripping! now its on my head" i said and shrieked.
"I'll catch you if you fall..." he said
"what if you are not around?" i asked and somehow we were not talking anymore about the red carpet we were walking.
"i will always catch you, because i'll always be there..." he said and kissed my lips.

"Nathalieee, Dune! over here please!" one reporter said and we had to do interviews so we went there.
"Nathalie, what are your plans with Dune over here? Marriage like Sara or just a fling like Caleigh?" the stupid reporter said
"Ok, first of all Caleigh is not having just a fling, you should know better, and here what you see is what you get."
i said and Dune squeezed my hand.
"So Dune, have you taken her to meet papa Marquis?" the stupid reported said again.
"Hum no, dad has been out of the country" he said bluntly.
"ohh welll thank you guys!" he said and we were able to move on.

"ugh i dont like those reporters... they are fishy" i said and Dune cracked a smiled.
"by the way, you really look stunning, love." he said for the millionth time
"thanks babe, you look dashing" i said and beamed

"Dune, Nath!" Harps said comming to us.
"Harper! i've missed you!" Dune said hugging Harps.
she was confused Dune never showed lots of feelings.
"thanks Dune! i've missed you too, NATH! you look stunning!" she said.
"and you look 100 times better! that is dress is just art!" i said and she laughed.
"come one everyone is inside!" she said and the 3 of us talked out way inside.

"Cora! amazing dress huny" i told Cora.
'thanks Nath! your dress is awesome too, the color is very pretty"
"thanks hun, have you seen some of the girls around?" i asked
"Nope i think its still a bit early" she said and i nodded.

"Nath!" a voice said behind me and it was Caleigh.
"Oh hey Cals! amazing dress!" i said and she smiled.
"thanks yours too, but i wanted to thank you." she said and i was confused.
"why?" i asked
"for the things you told the reporter, i know its no big deal, but it meant something for me" she said
"Oh, Cals its true! you have nothing to thank!" i said and beamed.
[more soon]
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