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Gia Fustanni
Gia is an Italian socialite who literally ran away from Italy when her senator father had a drug problem and sex scandal in the Italian government. Now? Gia spends her days with her friends, shopping, spending daddy’s questionably acquired money and living the life most people wish for. Just be careful with Gia, behind all her colors and crazy outfits there is a very insecure girl who wishes she could be like “everyone else”. She is a hopeless romantic, she can go on three dates and already can picture herself living and buying houses with the new hottie. Thanks god she’s got the looks to keep them around. Gia’s dirty little secret? Some magic pills called ecstasy. They drive her crazy to the point of addiction, but she is fairly good on keeping her tracks covered, watch out Gia… you might just get sloppy.
Looks: Katy Perry
Taken by: IvonEliza hopefully.

"Will venire mai a casa?" my Mom asked over the phone in Italian.
As much as I missed her, I just don't want to see him.
"No," I replied harshly.
"Mom, listen. I'll try to call you frequently, okay?"
I heard her sigh on the other side and some murmuring. "He wants to talk to you."
"You father wants to have a word with you."
"Tell him to get the f.ck away," I said, trying not to yell because I was talking to my Mom.
"Gia! Mind your language!"
I opened my mouth slightly but nothing came out. I just cursed in front of my Mom, literally.
"Gia?" I paused. "Gia, are you there?"
I really don't want to talk to him but now he's on the phone, waiting for me to finally speak to him.
But that won't happen.
"Gia, I just want to say-"
"GO TO HELL!" I shouted with all my heart and slammed the phone shut.
I slumped down at the wall, tears starting to form as I curled up into a fetus position.
I f.cking hate him.
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