the women's society of gotham is hosting a tea party today, but without a place since the wayne manor burnt down a while ago, bruce wayne himself has offered up his infamous penthouse for the party. be sure to wear your sunday's best and be on your best behavior.

[finally finished!] 

“Why do you own so much yellow?” Dick stare at me while I was going through my suitcases searching for a dress for the tea party. Those words, /tea party/ have been sending shivers down my spine since 1994. 
“Because, yellow is the color of happiness.” I flashed him a smile and continued throwing clothes out. 
“You know you’ll have to clean this mess later..” 
I stood up, blankly staring at him. “Yes, Richard, I am well aware of that.” 
“Wow.” He smiled to himself. “No one has called me Richard in a long time...” 
I raised my eyebrow. “Not even your teachers?” 
“No.” he shook his head. “They always referred to me as Grayson... or that weird freshman kid in the back.” 
I chuckled, folding one of the cardigans that was lying on the floor next to me. “Well, that’s better than Madame Conrad. And note, the r was silent.” 
“How did they call you, Conad?” 
“A-ha.” I nodded. 
“Have you ever dated a French boy?” he said nonchalantly. Too nonchalantly. I smiled, putting the cardigan back in the suitcase. 
“Yeah.” I nodded. “He was... ok.” considering he took my virginity. 
“How ok?” a smug smile appeared on his lips. 
I got up, gripping the dress I spent half of my time looking for, I approached Dick, smirking. “He went all the way, Grayson. You do the math. Which will probably be easy for you, since you're like a champion mathlete and stuff...” 
“Very funny, Conrad.” 

Sounds of women chattering came from everywhere. The snobbish laugh, the quick remarks, the unstoppable bragging,.. ugh my ears! 
“Gotta hate tea parties...” Dick's voice rang behind me. 
“What are /you/ doing here?” I raised my eyebrow, staring at him quizzically. 
“Bruce found out about the college thing.” Dick took a sip from his drink. According to his situation, I'm guessing it's alcohol. 
“And...?” I asked, my face giving away my curiosity. 
“He made me come here...” Dick took another long sip from his drink, swallowing it, as it were poison. “He asked, where was I for four years..” 
“Wait, when did you actually drop out?” 
“Freshman year, four years ago..” Dick smiled slightly. 
“And were the hell were you for four years?” I asked him, my voice a little louder than usual. 
“Ah, you just quoted him..” he smiled to himself. 
“Just answer already!” my voice sounded frustrated. 
“Where?” I raised my eyebrow
“Bludhaven. Come on, Gotham's ugly sister?” 
“Oh... I thought the name rang a bell..” I smiled. 
“And what were you doing there?” 
“God, you sound like Bruce...” he snorted. “Such a pain in the a.ss.” 
I shook my head, frustrated. “Whatever, Grayson. I don't have time to deal with you...” I shrugged him off, mingling with the rest of the chatty ladies. 
“Charlotte Conrad?” a petite brunette woman approached me, a wide smile tugging onto her lips. 
“Uhm, yeah?” I said, a little bit absentmindedly. 
“Rachel Dawes.” I remembered her instantly. She was Harvey Dent’s wife to be. I smiled myself, cocking my head to the side. “Finally we meet.” 
“Yeah...” I nodded. Didn’t we meet already? “Do you like tea parties?” I asked out of the blue.
“No.” she shook her head. “As a matter of fact, I hate them.” 
“You wanna hear my theory?” Rachel nodded, “It’s not the tea that makes the party boring, it’s the guests.” I glanced over a couple of socialites, with pearls around their necks and Audrey Hepburn styled hats. 
“I agree.” She nodded in agreement. “I hear you are working for Bruce now?” 
“You can say that. I’m just an intern so...” I shrugged. 
“You don’t know what that may lead to..” she smiled at me. 
“I just hope is something exiting.” Paperwork isn’t the most exiting thing in the book, considering the stuff that have happened to me these past days. 
“If you excuse me..” Rachel excused herself, another smile appearing on her lips. I simply nodded and looked for someone else to have conversation with. 
I spotted Sabrina sitting on one of the sofas, next to those pearl wearing ladies, looking bored and annoyed. 
“Hey Sabrina.” I smiled widely. I got the impression that her face lit up a bit, but then again it’s only me. I sat next to her, smiling at the ladies who were staring at me quizzically. 
“I’m Charlotte.” I waved at them sarcastically. 
“What would you like to drink?” the waiter asked. 
“I’ll have a vodka.” Sabrina exclaimed. “Same for her.” She pointed her finger at me. I stare at her confused. 
“Actually, I’d rather have some ginger ale instead...” I said innocently. 
“Trust me you’ll need it.” She glanced over the pearled ladies who were chatting like crazy. 
“I think she’s just looking for attention.” The brunette with the white dress said. 
“I agree. She’s just looking for a spot in the media, nothing more.” The girl next to her nodded. 
“Uhm, who are you talking about?” I asked meekly. 
“Batgirl, who else.” The brunette from before said. 
“I think that she kicks a.ss.” Sabrina said nonchalantly. “This town could use some women’s strength.” 
I mentally smiled. “I agree.” I nodded. 
The brunette rolled her eyes and turned her head towards the others, completely ignoring both Sabrina and me. Actually, it kinda suited me. 
“Two vodkas.” The waiter put the glasses on the table. 
Sabrina grabbed the glass, and chugged the drink as quickly as possible. 
“If you want you can have mine..” I jerked my chin towards the glass. Sabrina didn’t wait and chugged my drink. I stare at her in surprise. That girl can sure hold her liquor. 
“Last time I remembered I was hosting a tea party.” Bruce chuckled, appearing of nowhere. 
“How manly of you.” I made a sarcastic comment. 
“Go play with the rest of the kids..” Bruce said jokingly jerking his chin towards Dick and his red-headed friend. 
“I will.” I pouted playfully and literally jogged my way towards the rest of the 'kids'. 

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
(i love charlotte! she's brilliant)
bruce should let you free most often, it was really nice to meet you.

Wrote 4 years ago
This looks gorgeous!


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