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To most, swimming is seen as a sport that makes a girl muscular, get damaged hair and forces her to wear heavy, suffocating hats. To Taylor Kurtis, ironically, its seen the exact same way. Taylor is lanky, skinny and has hair that runs as long as her legs. Girly from start to finish, she enjoys everything pink - like the Plastics on a Wednesday. Forced into swimming by her overbearing mom, she has never once liked it. Her haughty, flakey attitude and her constant whining make her a good and bad companion, depending on where you're coming from, to Taylor though, she is the center of the world. Outside of school though, Taylor is responsible and mellow, after her father passed away when she was in the sixth grade, she's had to grow up very quickly and school is the only place that her immaturity is welcome. The oldest of three, Taylor has to set a good example, something her mother reminds her almost daily. Deep down, Taylor appreciates everything her mother has done for her, but that's never stopped her from fighting with her mom or disobeying her, which is probably why you just might have seen her at that outrageous party the day before finals. All in all, Taylor is full of baggage, not that anyone knows, or has to ever find out because pity is just not what Taylor does best.
model: Julia Saner
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Hey, it's Taylor. If I'm not swimming or studying, I'm always open to hanging out. [: 

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